And the winner is?

And the winner is?

Mashup Madness by Kristi, in the “Screaming Dutch Orange” Opal yarn!

overall choice

1. Monkey sock in pink Cotton Fun, or
2. Mashup Madness in Opal Uni Purple, or
3. MM in Orange, or
4. Child’s First Sock in Shell Pattern in Opal Uni Purple, or
5. CFS in Orange
6. Other

pattern choice

yarn choice
In the effort of full disclosure, there was a late entry that got caught in the spam-filter. I got it in time, but not until after I’d done the graphs. Be reassured that your name was in the draw and your vote didn’t effect the outcome of the winning combo (other that to re-affirm it’s winning position)!

Thanks to everyone who voted and helped me make up my mind. I appreciated the reasons you gave as well. The other socks (Child’s First Sock in Shell Pattern and Monkey) will be knitted in the near future, so feel free to stick around and see how that turns out!

17 people entered the contest to help me decide what socks I should knit next (17 on the post, 1 on another post, minus Mrs Dr. Who who was of no help whatsoever!). Nobody said they didn’t want in.

Using this random integer generator the following numbers were drawn:

random nos

And these corresponded to the database as follows:


I contacted Stacey, Amy, and Britt (in that order) and they chose the Esprit, the green and blue Puzzle and the green and blue Puzzle yarn respectively (I had four balls of the green/blue, so it was all good!).

I’ll be sending your prizes off surface mail (what? I’m part Scottish!) as soon as I can get to the post office.

Thank you to everyone for playing, and I look forward to knitting the winning pattern soon!


7 thoughts on “And the winner is?

  1. Just to let you know that Selma and I have half a lizard now, compliments of Cleo the Kitten. I find MrsDrWho to be of some help, but not on the knitting front I agree!!!! She can be subversive!!! Happy sock knitting and I love your graphs!! There was nothing better at school than making a pie graph about a tube of Mini M’n’Ms. Sigh!!


  2. I WAS trying to be helpful you ungrateful wench. I didnt want to skew your VERY important results by including an uniformed and untutored opinion.
    Patty and Selma indeed…..and Eric the half a lizard is no more….Cleo “dealt” with it today. Oh yeah…..what’s with the Patty and Selma bit…we are NOTHING like them. Except for MacGyver interest. And possibly the wild hair, and the cynical comments, and the love of earings. Bu t apart form that we are NOTHING alike.
    Mini M&M pie graphs are beyond me.
    May incorrect guage haunt you in your sleep.


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