FO: Turing and the Apple socks

FO: Turing and the Apple socks

turing long shot

Name: Turing and the Apple socks

Turing on an ApplePattern: (name, author, source) Turing and the Apple, by Moi, available soon.

Yarn: (name, fibre, weight, colour) Wooly Wonka Fibers Bamboo/Superwash Wool, 30% bamboo, 60% superwash wool, 10% nylon, sock weight, Macintosh colour.

Needles: (size, material, style) Set of 5 2.5 mm double pointed needles in bamboo

Construction: (toe/heel/ribbing/cast off or cast on) Top down, rib with garter stitch details, German Heel, grafted toe.

Number of stitches: (in foot/in leg) 64/64 for woman’s medium-ish

Knitting style: (toe, foot/leg, heel, ribbing) Combination for rib and heel flap, English for rest of sock.

Notes: So it didn’t win the Summer of Socks Design contest; I still love the design.

Pattern available to buy here.

turing back view

turing front view


Turing side view


4 thoughts on “FO: Turing and the Apple socks

  1. What Photo studio did you got to for the professional pics?
    All that silky flowy backdrop and posing- very Elle McPherson of you.
    Are there more photos to be revealed…….the socks off , naked toes series???????


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