Open Sez Me

Open Sez Me

I seem to be having a real problem with project fidelity at the moment.

Lets have a review of what is currently on the needles (active and inactive):

  • Little Mum’s Socks in Regia Silk
  • Boudica Socks for me
  • Camo flip-top mittens for my mum
  • Jessica sleeveless top in Cotton Angora for me
  • The modular tank/vest/waistcoat for me
  • The Mystery Stole for me
  • The Mystery Shawl from 2005 for me

And now we can add…

Sesame sleeves
Simultaneous sleeves!

The Sesame cardigan from the August 2005 issue of Magknits.

I’m knitting it in the yarn-formally-known-as-Klaralund.

I love the simplicity of the lines and the overall design of the cardigan, but I can’t leave well alone!

For a start, I’m following a smaller size to compensate for the larger gauge (18 sts instead of 22 sts to 4″) and I’ll be changing some of the shaping. I’ll share those details as and when I get there.

In closing – don’t forget the contest! Here are the preliminary results from those votes cast so far.

Pattern choice 4th Sept


Yarn choice 4th Sept


Overall choice 4th Sept

  1. Monkey sock in pink Cotton Fun, or
  2. Mashup Madness in Opal Uni Purple, or
  3. MM in Orange, or
  4. Child’s First Sock in Shell Pattern in Opal Uni Purple, or
  5. CFS in Orange.
  6. Other (thanks Janine for making me introduce a new category!)

Next time, the saga of the little iPod Nano that wouldn’t (switch on, that is).


5 thoughts on “Open Sez Me

  1. I see I’m totally in the minority. OH well =) Your sleeves look good so far. Great graphics, GO girl. lol I can’t think of any more g words for more alliteration – rats.


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