I need help.

I need help.

CONTEST NOW CLOSED! Come back soon for the winners (both pattern, yarn and the draw!)

Stop it.

Stop it!

Stop laughing!

Not that kind of help.

Well, maybe …

Anyway, I have something of a sock-knitting dilemma.

I have yarn (oh, so much yarn) and patterns (many, many, patterns) but how to join them together? And which to knit first?

The options are detailed below, and I’d love it if you could help make my mind up. All of these are intended for me (my mum will have to wait for her next pair), I physically have all the yarn shown and I have bought/printed out all of the patterns listed.

Now, please help me choose.

Monkey (Knitty Winter 2006) in Cotton Fun (this combo is nailed on, so a vote for this is for me to knit these first).

cotton fun pink

Mashup Madness (Designedly Kristi)

OR Child’s First Sock in Shell Pattern (Knitting Vintage Socks, Nancy Bush)


Opal Uni in Purple

OR Opal Uni in Screaming Dutch Orange (my name, not theirs!)

opal sock yarn no flash

Ahh, all of them are lace socks. I hadn’t realised that when I was compiling the list. How funny!

So, to sum up;

  1. Monkey sock in pink Cotton Fun, or
  2. Mashup Madness in Opal Uni Purple, or
  3. MM in Orange, or
  4. Child’s First Sock in Shell Pattern in Opal Uni Purple, or
  5. CFS in Orange.

I’d have one of those poll things, but I can’t have Javascript on WordPress so we’re going old-skool for this one.

  • To celebrate/commiserate the end of the Summer of Socks, if you leave a comment with your preference for what I should knit next (pattern and yarn) in this post only, with or without reasoning, I’ll enter your name into a draw to win some sock yarn! If you want to make a suggestion, but don’t want in to the draw, just say so in the comment and I’ll leave you out.
  • The winner can chose from two balls of Elann’s Sock it Too Me Puzzle in red/green/blue, blue/aqua/green or pink/yellow/blue. The colours can be seen here. Each ball has 210 m/230 yds, contains 75% superwash wool and 25% nylon and is machine washable.
  • If you are sensitive to wool, the alternate prize is two balls of Elann Esprit in Burgandy Rose. This yarn is 98.3% Cotton 1.7% Elastic and has 91m/ 100 yds (relaxed) or 170m/186 yds (stretched).
  • If there are lots of entrants, I may well award four prizes, so spread the word!
  • The comments will close two weeks from the time stamp on the post (14th of September at 12:00 p.m. BST. Note: that’s British Summer Time) and I’ll then make a random drawing of all those who want in!
  • And, there’ll be a spreadsheet and a graph at the end of it (you could also state your graph-preference if you wanted!)

Good luck!

19 thoughts on “I need help.

  1. Can I throw an other possibility into the mix? How would you like to teat knit a brand new sock pattern that no one else has seen yet? 🙂
    drop me a line if you are interested…..


  2. What a decision to have to make! – I think I’d go along with Elizabeth, and say CFS in purple. (I have this book too, and I’d love to see how it turns out!)


  3. Even though I love Monkey, it has to be Mashup Madness in the insanely named Screaming Dutch Orange.


  4. I am going to say #2 just because I like saying “Mashup Madness” and I like the purple yarn. I also like the Rodeo cotton, but that wasn’t part of the choices numbered =) Hope you get lots of entries and opinions.


  5. Eeeny meeny miny mo
    I cant’t choose because I don’t know,
    How to knit,
    Things that fit,
    Or or choose colours in any palette
    I can only blog and read
    And not participate in your ballot.


  6. I think your next knit should be the Monkey sock in pink Cotton Fun.
    Reason? Probably because I just like striped yarn 😉
    I think the MM in Orange since that shows the pattern better than the purple and CFS in purple because the pattern is the same allover.


  7. I knit my first patterned sock and it was a Monkey. LOVE IT! It has to be #1, a Monkey with the cotton fun yarn (it’s pretty) and it’s still warm (hot) weather so the cotton is so nice when the temp is 90. Trust me, go with the Monkey it’s very easy to follow and as soon as they were off the needles my 23 year old daughter nabbed them and she had never worn any of my hand knit socks and I have knitting them for her for YEARS. Good Luck!


  8. OK, I’ll say Monkeys in the Orange. I haven’t made any yet (although they’re on my ‘to do’ list), but I hear they just fly off the needles, so that would get you ready for the next pair in no time!


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