Mum’s socks: Plan B

Mum’s socks: Plan B

Way back when (on the 6th of August), before what politicians euphemistically call “recent events” I mentioned that my mum told me she didn’t need any new socks for a while.

I had great plans for clothing her feet, and her next pair was going to be an adaptation of the Tropicana socks from Magknits in Sock It Too Me Puzzle.

I changed my mind.

I decided that if these were going to be the last pair of socks in a while, I’d better go all-out and go for the tried and tested – Regia Silk and Nancy Bush.

The Little Child’s Sock didn’t speak to me when I saw it in Knitting Vintage Socks – I think it was the awful turquoise-coloured yarn – but I saw Stacey’s version in green and that was much more like it! I then spotted another green pair over at Flickr and tracked them down to Mustaa villaa (Black Wool in Suomi).


Progress from the 12th of August to the 17th.
lcs 17-08-07 2
Flat – looks ugly
lcs 17-08-07 1
Modelled on my arm – much better!

Added later:
I composed most of this post during Wednesday morning. That evening, my dad received a phone call from “She Who Will Not Be Named” informing him that my grannie was being released from hospital the next day. Great for her. Not so good for my dad.
Despite having been told by the doctor just the day before that he had laryngitis and he must rest for at least a week, my dad offered to pick her up and stay with her until the weekend.

I also wanted to say thank you all for all your good wishes and thoughts for my grannie and the rest of my family. I don’t know if you believe in the power of prayer/thoughts/good vibes (there have been studies and counter-studies proving and then disproving it) but it helped me to cope, and the good news is it looks like my grannie will be able to live independently for the immediate future.