Knitting and yarn (at last)

Knitting and yarn (at last)

Thank you (again) for the messages of support. Things still aren’t going smoothly with my aunt (she’s still unreasonable and doesn’t understand that my dad is ill). Oh, and my whole family have got strep throat. Yup.

A wonderful friend of my brother’s has offered to drive whomever is able to see my grannie on Sunday, which is likely to be the day before she has surgery to help unblock something or other in her brain. The change in geriatric medicine in recent years is amazing.

It’s likely my dad will have to stay for at least a few days because She-Who-Will-Not-Be-Named is going back to work. And my mum is having yet another test on Monday. It never rains …

ETA – through a very round about route I’ve discovered that my aunt is being evasive with other people as well and she sounded surprised that the only information obtained had been the standard “comfortable” from the ward nurses.  Duh.  Anyway, my grannie is doing very well now and she does not want for visitors.  I feel a lot better knowing this.



I won a competition over at Adrienne’s blog (knitting in the belly of california – no capitals on purpose).


I said I liked bright, bold, colours and Adrienne came through!

I’d been looking at getting a ball of TOFUtsies myself, but put it off until I’d decided what to knit with it.

After a quick look around the sock patterns I own I’ve decided that Lucy Neatby’s Mermaid Socks from “Cool Socks, Warm Feet” would be perfect.

Worked out why? The yarn has crushed shells in!

A few things pre-blog/from old image server:

The Leaf/Ivy scarf I test-knit for Stef Japel.

leaf scarf amyp8.jpg leaf scarf amyp6.jpg

Baby Cardigan for the aforementioned grannie’s podiatrist:

Baby cable cardigan

Pasha the Penguin for my brother:


Domino/Modular cotton waistcoat for my mum:

Domino Vest/waistcoat

I’ll post a few more of these as I can. I am still knitting on other stuff, but nothing worth commenting on really.

The next few days (weeks?) will be tough, but it’s really helping to be able to “talk”. Even if it’s mostly one-way and nobody actually reads any of this!