An update on the update

An update on the update

Thanks for all the good wishes. I really means a lot. I’m sorry I haven’t been able to respond to them individually, but I just wanted to let everyone know that it helps. Crass, but true!

My grandmother is stable, but her memory is very bad (for objects and people’s names) and she’s unable to feed herself. Other than that, she is OK.

My mum spent an hour on the phone with her yesterday (when all this was unfolding) and she was getting worse and worse, so I phoned for an ambulance. My mum wasn’t sure you could phone the emergency services from one part of the country and have them go to another, but I just assumed you could!

I know it’s highly unlikely that the following two people will read this, but maybe in some way the universe will reward them for their kindness, so here goes. Thank you to the regular mini-bus driver who notice something was wrong with my grannie. Thank you for alerting her neighbour. Thank you to her wonderful next door neighbour. I know you don’t really know my grannie, but under the circumstances I think you did well.

People I don’t want to thank: the doctor who took nearly 2 hours to come out to see her (he turned up at the same time as the ambulance I’d phoned for) and my wizened old harpy of an aunt who refused to tell my mother anything about my grannie’s condition despite the fact that she was the one who organised everything.

So, today I will be knitting and uploading some old (and potentially embarrassing) photos from my old webpage and old image server. Check my Flickr page for a good laugh at my lack of skills, if you want.


9 thoughts on “An update on the update

  1. Good assumption work there kiddo..well done. Aren’t good neighbours worth their weight in frilly knickers?? Knit THAT lady some socks.
    You don’t need to reply to everyone or even apologise…I am sure no one is thinking that you should…knit, blog, fondle your stash…what ever you need to do ..go for it!!!!


  2. it’s good to know that your grannie is stable. In a crisis, people tend to react differently. Some people go into shutdown. Thank goodness some people retain their wits. Don’t worry about emailing people back, I think we all know that you’ve got a lot on your mind and plenty to do


  3. I’m glad that your Gran is stable and am glad that she had people looking out for her when things weren’t ok. Hope things continue to improve, brains are amazing things and can often bounce back in a grand way.

    Still thinking about ya! ((hugs))


  4. I’m glad things are settling down with your Grannie. Sorry that you and your family are having to go through such stressful times.
    Take care of yourself.



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