Both literally:

ms3 clue 3

and figuratively.

So, Wren was a hit then? Anyone not like it? Feel indifferent? Don’t tell me. I’m not up to it at the moment!

I was all “up” over the weekend and then on Sunday night I started blubbing during “Garden State“. I’m telling you, Zach Braff is a woman in all but gender, and that film was a chick-flick in all but name. If Julia Roberts had been in it, I probably wouldn’t have watched!

Turing and the Apple:

I now have my testers (thank you guys) and I also have one finished sock!

turing 1 fin

And I cast straight on for the second (seen in the photo above), just to reduce the chance of Second Sock Syndrome. Of course, submitting a pattern to a competition with only one sock to photograph would be a bit of a poor show, but I’m not taking any risks!

I’m totally happy with the pattern now so I naturally need something else to worry about (it’s genetic). In steps the concern that not enough people will enter the Summer of Socks contest to allow it to run. I can’t remember how many it needs (5? 10?), but if you’re thinking about it, go for it! The hair-pulling-stress is fun! 😀

Did I mention …?

That it’s not raining? Need proof?


Of course, all of this warm sunshine means only one thing for people like me. ATCHIOO!!! Yay – my hayfever’s back. I’m one of those lucky, lucky, people who is sensitive to flower, grass and tree pollen. And dust mites. And citronella.

[wistfully] I miss the rain …

5 thoughts on “Lifelines

  1. Well you can have a bigger and longer sock in a couple of days if you are patient 🙂
    Oh and Wren was lovely – I liked yours better than the one in the book 🙂


  2. Harki gets her allergy NOW (Spring-ish time) and in Autumn too. I get sneezy, only Peri seems to escape so you ahve our sympathy!!
    I am socking away…….
    Maybe worrying is your forte????
    We’ve had rain, hard and torrential for almost 36 hours now. We really needed it.


  3. Wren was a smashing success! Your sock is looking good too. When do the summer of socks socks have to be submitted?

    I feel your pain with the allergies. When I was a child I used to get nose bleeds from pollens, mold, dust etc. Now two of my three kids get them. The other child is suffering from mosquito bites! Apparently, she’s unusually attractive to them.


  4. We have LOTS of rain .I will send you some of the stuff that has gathered under my house.
    WHat do you mean you have your test knitters ? Where are MY instructions???? I have a good mind to print off a set anyway and knit then and submit them in your name…BECAUSE I KNOW THE PASSWORD!!!!
    The grey stuff at the top of your blog looks pretty.
    If the Wren is the red cardy thing…I liked it.


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