Both literally:

ms3 clue 3

and figuratively.

So, Wren was a hit then? Anyone not like it? Feel indifferent? Don’t tell me. I’m not up to it at the moment!

I was all “up” over the weekend and then on Sunday night I started blubbing during “Garden State“. I’m telling you, Zach Braff is a woman in all but gender, and that film was a chick-flick in all but name. If Julia Roberts had been in it, I probably wouldn’t have watched!

Turing and the Apple:

I now have my testers (thank you guys) and I also have one finished sock!

turing 1 fin

And I cast straight on for the second (seen in the photo above), just to reduce the chance of Second Sock Syndrome. Of course, submitting a pattern to a competition with only one sock to photograph would be a bit of a poor show, but I’m not taking any risks!

I’m totally happy with the pattern now so I naturally need something else to worry about (it’s genetic). In steps the concern that not enough people will enter the Summer of Socks contest to allow it to run. I can’t remember how many it needs (5? 10?), but if you’re thinking about it, go for it! The hair-pulling-stress is fun! 😀

Did I mention …?

That it’s not raining? Need proof?


Of course, all of this warm sunshine means only one thing for people like me. ATCHIOO!!! Yay – my hayfever’s back. I’m one of those lucky, lucky, people who is sensitive to flower, grass and tree pollen. And dust mites. And citronella.

[wistfully] I miss the rain …