FO: Wren cardigan

FO: Wren cardigan

wren finished front

Name: Wren wrap cardigan

Pattern: (name, author, source) Wren, by Berroco on the Berroco website. (Free pattern)

Size(s): (to fit, finished size) B/W/H: To fit 44″/36″/46, finished size 42″/38″/46″ (all fully closed and wrapped – not the way the garment is worn). Length 13″/33cm underarm to hem.

wren finished back

Yarn: (name, fibre, weight, colour) Noro Lily, 70% cotton/30% silk, DK/worsted, colour no. 25, 7.45 balls (approx. 810m/886 yds total)

Needles: (size, material, style) US 5 and US 7 Denise Interchangeable Needles Set (plastic, circular)

Knitting style: (for stitch patterns) All (stocking stitch, rib) in Combination/Eastern Uncrossed.

wren finished lower

Modifications: Knit several different sizes to accommodate my various in ‘n’ out bits, and did the necessary maths!

I made the sleeves longer than recommended, to suit my personal taste.

I also picked up the stitches for the collar instead of knitting it separately (and picked up a lot fewer stitches), and worked in in short rows not casting off in stages. In total I worked 10 or 12 rows (sorry, I forgot to count!)

wren neck detail

I worked two rows of double crochet (US single crochet) up the front edges. This was supposed to prevent them from curling, but it didn’t really work. However, they should help to stabilise the otherwise-unfinished edges.

Notes: This pattern isn’t easy to knit unless you write the instructions out line-by-line. There are a lot of the “and at the same time” things and you really have to pay attention!

wren excess fabric

As you can see from the photo, I had to take out 16 stitches at the underarms because it was way too baggy. I should have knit straighter at that bit and worked some short rows for the front. Never mind!

I think I’d lengthen the body pieces, too. The 13″ finished length is a little on the cropped side for me, but I’m hoping the silk/cotton will droop with wear!

If I were making this again, I’d work more rows of rib on the bottom edges to stop them from curling (they did block flat, but the tendency will still be there).

Over all, I’m pleased with the finished product and, for me, this was a very quick knit (6 weeks)!

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20 thoughts on “FO: Wren cardigan

  1. It is simply divine on you! I love the drape of the fabric. You did superb work! I like all you own creative touches, too, it really makes it all your own. GORGEOUS!


  2. it’s lovely. The style and colour really suit you. well done on modifying the pattern to make it work for you. I hear that those Berocco patterns are not that well written


  3. Now, I really like that. The colour and style really suit you. I think the length is great. The layered look is very on trend, isn’t it ? Anyway, looks good with the skirt. I bet you wear it loads when/if [ha,ha] there’s a slight chill in the air.
    Seriously, I honestly thinks it’s fab.


  4. Wren is VERY flattering on you. The shape, the fit, the color. Everything is perfect! I’m sure you’ll get lots of compliments when you wear it. You did a great job customizing the pattern. Impressive!


  5. Wow. The sweater is lovely. I personally like the cropped look and the sweater looks great on you.

    You obviously are very talented in the knit to fit arena. I’m going to study your comments and see what I can use to customize my next project.


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