Friends don’t let friends …

Friends don’t let friends …

… knit stoned. Legally, prescribed, stoned, I hasten to add!

Seriously, painkillers plus something to stop my muscle spasms makes for some very interesting knitting!

I stuck to stocking stitch (the second Wren sleeve) and only during the adverts of “Sideways” and then “Victim“.

So, despite accidentally taking those pills together (which I’ve done before, and forgot why I’m not supposed to!) I’ve managed to make progress!


I’m this close to finishing. See?

wren body blocking

There is just some seaming to do and then the wait for non-rain-weather. Wish me luck!

Turing and the Apple:

I’m much happier with v2 of the Summer of Socks design. Why? Because I actually knit the correct number of rows in the heel flap (32 instead of the first time of 22). Huh! Surprisingly, it fits so much better!

turing v2 sock 1

I originally went with a round toe for the sock, but in order to make the numbers work for all sizes (and because it fits my toe better) I’m going a different way for the new version.

Other stuff:

Still slogging on Clue 3 of the Mystery Stole.

The Cotton Angora top (Jessica) is on holiday until I finish Wren.

The Boudica socks have taken a well-earned chariot vacation until I’ve settled on the Turing design.

Finally, a heads up:

I’m going to need I’d like a test knitter for the Turing sock. I should have a workable pattern (in three sizes) by next week, but I’ll knit one size from my own instructions. You’d have to be able to knit at least one sock by the end of August. I’m looking for someone with tiny feet (about 6-7″ circumference) and larger feet (about 9″ circumference).

EDIT: I made a mistake with the sizes. The larger size would be more like a 10″/25.5 cm fit and the smaller 7-8″/18-20 cm. Any takers for the smaller size at all?

You wouldn’t be able to blog about it until after the pattern is released (late September at the earliest).

You: a regular reader and commenter, speady sock knitter with a grammar-obsession.

Me: Needy and grateful. πŸ™‚

9 thoughts on “Friends don’t let friends …

  1. Wren looks really good and I really like how Turing looks. I wonder if I can knit that fast? My feet may be too big yet and not big enough. OH well! I’m impressed at your ability to knit while under the influence of prescrip meds =)


  2. I actually did measure my foot for you once but I think it is too big. Alas my dainty foot dreams are quashed!!! Oh yes, don’t cross the drug streams!!
    You are on a knitting binge thoughm, getting so much done!!! I will measure my foot for you though!!!


  3. Ah, I would love to help with my 9inch foot(I think it’s 9inch…), but I’m not sure I would have the time. If nobody else though volunteers, mail me and I will squeeze it in, I can knit it whenever I get sick of the other projects and a month time is pretty much. Plus it’s called Turing!!!


  4. So, it looks like it’s a two (possibly three)-way fight to the death between Janine and Janin for the larger sock size. Hmm … pointy-sticks at dawn ladies? πŸ˜€


  5. Hi. I only just found your blog (through Summer of Socks), so I don’t fit into the regular reader/commenter category (yet). I am grammar obsessed. My little sister will attest to this fact. I have 8″ feet. Also, I have regular sock recipients whose feet are smaller than mine. So, if you’re still in need of smaller size test knitter, I’d be happy to help. And I’ll become a regular reader/commenter, I promise. Your stuff is beautiful.


  6. I would like to volunteer to be your test knitter…i only need you to tell me a few things.
    1. Where do you get the pretty string everyone seems to blog about endlessley?
    2. Where do I get the stick things to poke around in the pretty string?
    3.What do I do with my stash if the police come to call?
    4. Is an inch bigger or smaller than a cm…and does it really matter?
    I await your instructions.


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