OMG!! The Sun!!! I think I might be using the exclamation point a little too much!!!!

Of course, the sun has now gone again, but that day and a half of summer was lovely.

Onwards and upwards my dear old things!*


I may not make it to my self-imposed deadline of the end of this month, but I’m not going to be far off.

wren second sleeve

Second sleeve posing with the first (just to prove no photo-recycling is going on!)

I’m still undecided about what I’m going to do about the neck and front edges. I’m currently leaning towards a narrow, short-row-shaped collar in 1/1 rib with two rows of double crochet (US: single crochet) for the front edges.

At least I can rip it out if it’s not quite right, unlike sewing!

SOS design:

Hence forth known as the Turing socks, named for Alan Turing.

turing stretched on hand
Version 2 of my Summer of Socks design.
Notice the sub-conscious “Live Long and Prosper” sign I did with my hand. Geek much?
Bamboo/superwash yarn from Wooly Wonka Fibers

I have listened and obeyed! Actually, the comments were spilt between “Careful with that cruel mistress, vertical garter stitch” and “cute socks!”.

I mulled it over, and decided to go down a more conventional, well-trodden, path.

I feel I’ve kept some of the details of the original, but with some refinements.

In any case, these are a pair of socks I’m looking forward to wearing myself, regardless of how the designing goes!


Still slogging along on Clue 3 (Clue 4 was released today).

ms3 20-07-07

I’ve made a promise to myself to knit at least two rows a day, just to keep going with it, and I’m managing more than that! (Free advice: Set low goals and achieve them easily!)

Boring admin stuff:

I’ve finally updated my “Podcasts” post and gone through all of the posts from the Blogspot blog to remove the “uncategorised” tag and assign relevant labels. It took me a while. I got there eventually!

*”My dear old thing” is a phrase well known to Test Match Special listeners as it is frequently uttered by the unique Henry Blofeld.


6 thoughts on “Sunshine!

  1. The sun finally came out here, too, but it’s been around for more than a day and half, I think I may actually have to water soon b/c it’s starting to get too dry now. blah

    All your knitting progress looks good, and the new sock design looks good, I especially like the design up the side. (isn’t that called a clock or something?) anyway, it looks good.

    Low goals, eh? I’ll have to try that, maybe I’ll start knitting again that way. h


  2. Snap!!!!
    How cool is that???!!! <Mahs geeks of the world unite!!!
    I saw on the ABC this morning that some parts of Britain had twice July’s average rainfall in a few hours. Biggest peacetime evacuation in progress!! Hope yopu are high and dry. Yes, garter stitch: stitch of stretchiness. Nice new sock though and hope this sock does LLAP!!!
    Yes, I am reading HP, not far in, but well on the way. It is very good!! Saw the film too last week. That was very good too!!!


  3. Mystery Stole is looking good! Finished HP this morning ( but don’t tell my daughter- she went out for the night and left our copy at home- guess who had a reading marathon πŸ˜‰ )


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