Hairdresser paranoia

Hairdresser paranoia

The closer I get to a hairdressing appointment, the more concerned I get about how my hair and scalp look. I have a skin condition which means I have problems with my scalp and face and every time I have my hair done I’m convinced that either the washer or my “stylist” is going to say something.

That, combined with the inevitable spot you get right in the middle of your face three days before hand, makes me very paranoid about my appearance.

And then they go and wash your hair for you anyway, and do a better job than you can do for yourself!

That was a very long-winded way of saying that I’m going to the hairdressers! On to the knit!


Photographic progress!

wren unfinished
Left photo is without flash and right is with.

I pinned Wren up and attempted to take photos to see how it looked on me. I quite like how the neck is open and I’m not sure I’d like the massive collar on it. I’m thinking about a couple of rows of crochet around the front edges.
Oh, and the curling hem does block out. Woo Hoo!

I’m now on the second sleeve, and I’d like to actually finish this red item within the correct two-month cycle of Project Spectrum, so I’ve got to make a decision. Soon.


It stands for Summer of Socks, but also a plea for help and/or reassurance.

sos design 1st finished

I know I said I wouldn’t show the design I was working on until I’d finished, but I’m not sure we are liking the finished project.

I love the idea and the inspiration behind it (all to be revealed if I stick with it) but I’m not totally sold on the execution. Garter stitch is a continuing element (from the cuff, to the heel and the instep) and I like the way it breaks up the colour a little.

So, take a good look at the photos of the finished sock and let me know what you think. Please? [Attempts to remove note of desperation from voice!]

sos design 1st finished 2

9 thoughts on “Hairdresser paranoia

  1. I think it’s very cute but here’s my concern….as the garter stitch will grow widthwise, unless it’s knit with LOTS of negative ease I can see it loosening with wear and slipping down the heel (I hate that!)


  2. Well the sock looks really cute, but looking at it confuses me, is the garter stitch done vertically (or do I need more coffee? SOME coffee, crikey, I didn’t have any yet)


  3. Hmm, my concerns/paranoia about hairdressers goes into a totally different direction. First I always fear I end up with one of those talkative types that keeps on babbling and asking questions. I know some like that but I just don’t. Oh and then there’s of course the fear that I will pay 40€ for getting to look like crap…

    I like the sock design! It looks like the cuff is made seperately right? Because I personally hate to purl in the round…
    Keep going!


  4. I’d leave you a virtual coffee but all the cyclists drank it!! Luckily I have a nice hairdresser: he always makes my hair look nice: though I mever ‘do’ my hair so it looks grown up and nice for 1 day!!!! I love the sock, but I wonder about the stretchiness of the garter stitch top bit as well, but I’m just a worrier!!


  5. I dont know anything about garter stitch, knit stretchiness or secret knitting business so for what it is worth…..
    I always worry that I’ll have nits when I go to the hairdresser and that they will freak out and ban me from the shop!!!


  6. Thanks for the socks feedback – stay tuned to see what I decided!
    All went well with the hairdressers – they worked their magic and I look slightly less hideous than I did on Monday!


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