Stuff and stuff

Stuff and stuff

To quote my philosophising brother.

The weather is truly atrocious (there has been flooding all over the north of England and in the south, too), the light is non-existent and as a result the following photos aren’t going to be winning any awards!


Slow but steady progress has been made and I’ve finished the back and made a start on the right front (just that, the other sleeve, the collar to go and some sort of treatment for the fronts)

wren back complete


Nothing photo-worthy (my newly acquired Wimbledon-addiction means I haven’t really been working on it) but I’m now up to the gusset increases.

Oh, and don’t make a mistake in the cable only to discover it the row later. I learnt how to re-cross cables from deliberately dropped stitches and I learnt fast.

Mystery Stole 3:

Some people (hate you) finished the first clue on the day it came out.

I’m pacing myself.

ms3 03-07-07

Up to row 90

I’ve made several mistakes in the pattern, I wasn’t applying the beads properly (no idea what I was doing having never knit with them before so I just winged it) and it’s taking me ages. However, it’s all staying because I can live with it.

Thanks for the comments to yesterday’s post. I’m feeling slightly better today having taken it easier on purpose, but it’s very strange for me because summer is usually my best season (winter being the absolute worst).

Maybe it’s a delayed hangover from the series finale of Doctor Who. No spoilers for those in other countries but, ooooohhhhh boy! It was a goodie!

Project Spectrum: Red.

I’m knitting “Wren” to coincide with PS Red, but I’ve also been eating red:

raspberries strawberries

Raspberries, left, and strawberries, right.

Click for mucho-big (originals are 2048 x 1536 pixels wide and the “Large” size is 1024 x 768).


10 thoughts on “Stuff and stuff

  1. Your stole looks good to me, and I can’t even see anyone’s beads in any of the pictures, guess I don’t know where to look. The berries look yumilicious, I love raspberries the bestest of all =) Glad you are feeling some better.


  2. Glad you are feeling better and a bit more enthusiatic!!! Wimbledon is just on too late here, even for me!!! I LOVE Summer berries, the next best thing here are the frozen kind now it’s Winter. I saw the floods on TV: we have them on the mainland too!!


  3. The stole looks great so far! Only about a week and I will be able to actually join 🙂
    I’ve rethought the beads though and probably won’t add any as I think I would have to order them too…

    And those are great berry shots! Now I wonder if my camera would be as good, unfortunately no berries here to try…hmm, berries.


  4. I think the stole looks great BUT the tute is (and has been) on my sidebar for the beading and it’s SO easy!

    Those berries look like summer 🙂


  5. Glad your feeling better and I hope you aren’t under water 🙂 We are as wet and windy as you are I think!
    Your stole is looking good, roll on the next clue 🙂


  6. If only we could change weather for one day. We’ve got wicked hot with red flag fire warnings…a bit of rain would be nice…

    I love that color you’re using for Wren! It’s almost lickable.


  7. I really like that Wren pattern. It’s coming along great. Your MS3 is coming along good too. That pattern is rather difficult for me to work through, MS that is.


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