I’m a baaaad blogger

I’m a baaaad blogger

I’m so far behind with comment reply and emails it’s not funny. I owe some people a very specific reply, but will the rest of you take a generic “Thank you for commenting and I really appreciate it”?

Thank you.

I ache all over and for some weird reason my right bicep hurts.

I woke up unable to breath properly so I knew I wasn’t on to a winner today.

I’ve worked on the first Mystery Stole clue, Boudica and Wren, but nothing today.

I’m going to watch a film and some TV and try to do better tomorrow when I might actually do something which warrants a proper post!


5 thoughts on “I’m a baaaad blogger

  1. That’s terrible about your breathing and pain issues, I hope you feel better tomorrow. Sorry you are feeling so poorly =( I hope you enjoy your film and TV, good distractions from discomfort.


  2. Yuck: hope you feel better soon. I think feeling boogelly in Summer is worse than any other season. This will make you feel weird as well: Kylie Minogue is in the 2007 Doctor Who Christmas special. They are starting filming now, just as we have watched LAST year’s!!!


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