I’m progressing nicely on the Wren cardigan.

wren back progress

Progress so far on the back.

However, the curling edges are still bothering me.

I have two strategies for the fronts; double crochet or a couple of rows of 1/1 rib.

Here’s the test piece I did on the left front:

wren crochet edge test

It stops the edges from curling, but is it in keeping with the overall design? Would four rows of 1/1 rib work better?

I’m also having difficulty with the lower edges, as previously mentioned, and one suggestion (via Flickr) was to tack the ribbing up and have a hem.

I like this idea, but I also like the look of the 1/1 ribbing. Hmmmm…

I’ll either try and block it out (any suggestions for doing so to cotton/silk yarn?) or just live with the curling on the lower edge.


I’m also pondering how to start my mum’s Tropicana socks (pattern at Magknits, and this is the yarn I’m using).

Aesthetically, I want to use a four-round garter stitch cuff because this would “wave” with the stitch pattern. But I know that this isn’t likely to hold the sock up, so I’m pretty certain it’s going to have to be a 2/2 rib. I can’t use elastic in the cuff because my mum’s legs can swell quite a lot and I don’t want her feet dropping off because I made her socks too tight! 🙂


Progress on the first sock:

boudica 25-06-07

The photo shows that I’m now 1 inch away from starting the gusset increases. The light is atrocious here at the moment because we’re currently experiencing monsoon-like rain storms and funnily enough the camera wanted to use the flash!

Random thought for the day: Do men think that the toilet is self-cleaning?

Just asking.


10 thoughts on “Edgy

  1. Great progress on both projects, I usually do the ribbing on something that rolls, but if a crocheted edge would work too, that’s another good idea (but I can’t crochet worth a flip, so not an option for me any time soon, lol)

    As for the toilet question, I believe they do think that, otherwise it just means they’re daft.



  2. Yes they do, and self closing too. I avoid ‘interesting’ edgings because of the worry!! You are a braver woman than me!! I have no helpful sock suggestions only admiration!!!


  3. I like the crochet edge, but I’m partial to the hem too. I’d just go for the hem, but that’s just my personal preference and yeah, they do think it’s self-cleaning, or at least the 13 yo. The man does know better and keeps it cleaner than me, lol.


  4. Wow…knitting…I am not fit to comment on curling edges…they looked like they were supposed to be there to me…dont listen to me obviously!!!!
    Many men don’t care about toilet cleaning…they think toilets are a porcelain target for practising their aim.


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