The Summer of Socks

The Summer of Socks

Like the Summer of Love, but keeps your feet warmer in the winter! 😀

I signed up in some vain attempt to keep myself motivated to knit during the northern hemispheric summer. The irony about knitting during the summer is that it’s easier for me to knit because my joints are warm and loose, but my hands don’t half get sweaty!

So, here are the socks I plan to knit this summer (all two pairs):

Mum’s socks.

I got one of those full-bag-sale thingys from Elann a while back and out of the three colours on offer, my mum chose this colourway of Sock it Too Me Puzzle:

puzzle red green yarn

The pattern I’m going to use will be a (slightly) modified version of the “Tropicana” socks from the June 2006 edition of Magknits.

The pattern writer has you cast on 55 stitches. Now, anyone who’s read this blog will know that it’s not going to cut it with regards to my mum’s feet. They may cut the blood off though! I’m going to err on the side of loose and go with 77 stitches (it’s an 11 stitch pattern repeat).


I’m also nominating the (already in progress) Boudica socks.

boudica 20-06-07

The pattern is by Miriam Fulton (Mim Knits) and is available from Anne at Wooly Wonka Fibers.

It’s taken me a while to get this far because I have to concentrate on the cables – there are no rest rows! It’s definitely a podcast/radio-only knit. Yesterday it was a cricket-on-the-radio knit (I can’t afford/wont get for reasons of principal Sky TV) so I got another 8 rows done.

I think you can see how it takes me 6 weeks to make a fairly simple pair of socks, and a lot longer for more complex ones.

7 thoughts on “The Summer of Socks

  1. It is so hot here in Summer all we knit is sokcs!! The sweatiness is a problem and also the fact that I seem to knit even more tightly!!! No cricket here, it’s all football, proper football, not soccer!!! My Upside Down Baudelaires ahve pattern every row, lace and cables alternating or combined!! I know how you feel!!!


  2. Nice! I absolutely adore socks for the summer. I decided not to participate in the SOS 2007, but just sponsor the whole sheebang. But I DO have a pair of socks on the needles right now myself!


  3. You’re on the right path, no stress with sock knitting, just knitting them. I originally thought I’d be all about socks this summer and no other summer knitting. Slowly I’ve come back to my senses and my goals for sock knitting are just to complete a couple pair, that’s it.


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