Up for a mystery?

Up for a mystery?

Having not been put off my the last mystery knit I undertook (you know, the one I’m still working on) I’ve signed up for the Mystery Stole 3, over at Yahoo.

ms3 yarn cone ms3 yarn cone with scale
Hand cream for scale!

I’ve had this giant cone of Scottish grey-with-black-flecks machine knitting wool in my stash for years. When I bought it, I didn’t think you could actually knit with yarn that thin. So why, you may ask, did I buy it?

Cheap. Scottish. Wool.

I swatched the pattern provided (Horseshoe lace – love it!) and then washed it once to try and get rid of the machine oil.

ms3 swatch blocked

I noticed that the rancid oil smell was still present after 12 hours, so I washed it again. It bloomed a little more and the smell has decreased, and it’s also grown in size from the photo above (it finished at 6″ wide).

ms3 swatch close up
A close-up of the yarn and stitch pattern.


I’ve also made progress on the Wren cardigan; I’ve completed one sleeve and I’ve started the left front.

wren sleeve and front

Lolly said it was a quick knit (see her finished version here) but I didn’t quite believe it. But, given decent health and with not too much energy-sapping housework to do, I should be finished by the end of July. (fingers crossed, knock on wood!)

Wren curling hem I’m not too sure about the curling fronts; I know it’s a design feature, but I may run a line of crochet up them, just as stability. The hem on the front is also curling up. The Noro Lily is very soft and drapes well, so I think the curl is more pronounced than it might be in another yarn. I’m also knitting it as a worsted-weight yarn (as opposed to it’s recommended DK-tension) so the drape is exaggerated.

My mum’s next socks.

I’ve picked out the yarn and a pattern (some modification needed!), but I’ll waffle more about that in another post. I have to keep somethings back in case I dry out about stuff to say…


6 thoughts on “Up for a mystery?

  1. Yeah I’ve signed up to 🙂 just can’t decide whether to use the knitpicks shadoe in Oregon Coast with gold beads or the pale grey cashmere/merino from colormart with silver beads 😦 The shadow is heavier but I like the silver grey too!


  2. I saw the MS-along 3, but I have tooooo many other thingsand my mind is not up to it at the moment. That is a giant cone though!! I’m not a fan of the curling edges(sounds like a C&W band!!!) even if they are a design feature.


  3. Heh-heh, I signed up for the MS3 too. I’m looking forward to it. Using Zephyr Wool/Silk (from the stash, no less!) in a rust/burnt orange color. Woo and hoo.


  4. Beautiful stitch pattern.

    I just wanted to post a quick comment to say hello and introduce myself as April, your blog reader, for the Summer of Socks 2007. And make sure you know that I found your blog and have subscribed to it. If you haven’t already, please take a look at the SOS blog and then shoot me an email to check in.


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