I killed my virtual Chia Pet

I killed my virtual Chia Pet

Background: with Mac OSX, you get a wee thing called “Dashboard” where you can put stuff like weather listings and games and all sorts. I added a little virtual Chi Pet (a not-quite-namesake for the pottery stuff that has grass growing out of it). You have to water it every three days, or put it into “hibernation” if you are going away. All was going until a few days ago when I logged on and it said “Your Chi Pet has died”. Frick.

Seriously, should I ever become a mother to some poor unfortunate child, have social services on speed-dial, will you?

To cheer myself up, I got some new sandals:

black sandals and glitzy socks

Actually, it wasn’t because of the Chi Pet. It was because of the town-shopping-old sandals-blisters incident. Ouch!

These new ones are comfy, pretty and leather-free! Hurrah!

Anyway, on to the knit…

Egged on by Lolly over at Ravelry, I’ve cast on for the Wren cardigan (a free pattern over at Berroco) for Project Spectrum.

Wren first sleeve

I’m making the sleeves a total of 6″ long instead of 4″, in an attempt to cover my flarms (flabby arms).

The yarn is red Noro Lily cotton/silk yarn (and before anyone points out the irony of buying new cruelty-free shoes and yet knitting with boiled-bug-casing, I KNOW). πŸ™‚

Two entries for PS – metallics:

gold cushion

Gold sequin cushion.


My Very Hollywood sunglasses (with camera reflection).

Aaaaaaannnnnnd … we’re clear!


3 thoughts on “I killed my virtual Chia Pet

  1. oh no! I have killed a virtual pet as well – those little hand held ones that I had as a kid. I was very sad at the time….luckily I do better with the real, live ones… πŸ™‚


  2. FLARMS!? That’s the first real laugh I’ve had today! I love how it flops off the tongue. heheheheeeeeeee cry
    I think a virtual chi pet must be more difficult to take care of, a real one would be more forgiving. Although I’m beginning to think the heat has already killed one of my new trees. It’s not dead yet, but 1/2 the leaves are crunchy. It’s not fair because it can rain every day for two months and then we have 2 weeks of heat and everything starts th shrivel. DERN


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