Aims and Objectives

Aims and Objectives

Oh, how I hated that phrase during “The Studying Years”. It always preceded a list of stuff I was supposed to learn by a certain date. The only thing certain about it was that I would fail to learn it all!

Anyway, in an attempt to make some important Project Spectrum and Christmas-related deadlines, I’m going to publicly name and shame myself. That’s right people, I’m calling myself out.

I should note that if it all goes pear-shaped, it’s all Polly’s fault for mentioning it. OK?

So, here are my aims and objectives (crafting-wise) for the next upmtythroo months.

  • To design and make my Dad’s Aran jacket for Christmas (2007).
  • To finish at least 2 more pairs of socks for my mum (1 within 3 months, another before Christmas 2007)
  • To start and finish at least 1 knit item relating to August/September Project Spectrum colours (orange/brown/purple). I have Colette from White Lies Designs in Patons Diploma Gold Aran or the modular project mentioned previously.
  • To finish the flip-top mittens for my mum before it goes cold again (in about the second week of August, probably).
  • To finish the v-neck Jessica top in Cotton Angora (I’m so close to doing so. Just the ribbing to do on the bottom edge and then the armhole and neckline welts).

Shear folly? Almost inevitably.

Here are some pretty pictures to reward the more patient amongst you who actually read all of that!

Boudica Sock (start of):

boudica 10-06-07.JPG

“Jessica” top (progress of):

jessica 10-06-07.JPG

“Wireless” technology (non-existence of):

no such thing as wireless.JPG

From top to bottom; power adaptor, network cable, external USB laptop fan, USB trackball mouse, external speakers.

[public service announcement]

One final thing (and I apologise if you are not on yet/wont care ever) but I’m now on Ravelry. My user name is dyedinthewool, or search for “Amy” and you’ll find me. I’ve managed to find a few of the people from the blogs I read, but fresh blood is being added every day, so I’m bound to have missed a few people. Jess and Casey are doing an amazing job with this website (kind of like MySpace for cool people!) but they have full time jobs and Casey’s grandfather is ill has unfortunately died, so they can’t be a 24-hour operation. (Apparently I missed a message) So, if you’re waiting for an invite, please be patient.

[/public service announcement]


7 thoughts on “Aims and Objectives

  1. Well, atleast you have a list! I’m just not able to plan ahead when it comes to my knitting every attempt I made has failed, because I totally forget that I had a list 😉

    Oh, and I’m waiting patiently for an invite to ravelry. Knowing a bit what it takes to make a website like that, I’m actually surprised how fast they are able to get new people on board!


  2. I second the “at least you have a list”, I have one too, but it is in my head and changes at least twice a day 🙂
    On a sad note in case you hadn’t read it in the Ravelry messages, Casey grandad passed away last week 😦


  3. Yes, you have aims and objectives, but at school I taught the children that the most important thing was HOW you were going to achive said A&O: where’s the plan!!!!!! At least you have a plan, I concur!!! Oh for wireless, I have a wireless mouse and keyboard but everything else plugs in, too many leads. Oh I’m in Ravelry too!! I’ll go and look for you now!!!


  4. I am delighted to see that I am not the only one blaming Polly for stuff 🙂 She’s been responsible for my stashing in the past as well as making me cast on things when I already have quite enough WIPs. Good luck with your list, I am sure you’ll get there!


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