Elizabeth Zimmerman Recommends …

Elizabeth Zimmerman Recommends …

Knitting a hat as preparation for a larger garment.

I chose to knit an iPod sock as preparation for a me-sized sock!

ipod cozy ipod cozy phone jack in.jpg ipod cozy fabric closeup.jpg

My Spidey-sense told me that I would get the prescribed tension over 2.25 mm needles, but just to check I switched to 2 mm needles part way up. I was right!

Dead-on with the larger needles (9.5 stitches per inch) but too tight with the smaller (a shade over 10 spi).

I rawk! rock

I have to confess to being a little nervous about using this yarn. The reason? The person, the very person, who dyed the yarn, reads my blog. Hi Anne! I’m grateful that the sock designer (Mim) doesn’t, so at least I only have to perform with the yarn! 😀

I cast on for the toe (toe-up sock, see?)

boudica toe start.jpg

I couldn’t lay my hands on any waste yarn so I used dental floss. Hmmmm … minty!

Now, I wonder what else floss can be used for?

Alt use for dental floss.jpg

Some boring admin stuff – I’ve updated the list of blogs I read to include some recently-discovered ones, change the URLs of some people who have migrated and to organise them by category. I’m also going to update/I’ve also updated* the podcast list, again adding/changing/re-organising them.

*delete as appropriate depending on whether I’ve got around to it yet!

5 thoughts on “Elizabeth Zimmerman Recommends …

  1. OMGCB I would have a house full of hats at that rate!! I should be the Hydra!! Truly I never check my tension for socks. I am a bad bad knitter!! I always use the same basic pattern and wriggle the sock pattern to fit!! Are you one of those string holders?? That you load with a ball of string and then pull out?? Looks like it!!


  2. That is great! What a good idea to make something useful out of your “swatch.”

    I used someone’s recommendation to use dental floss as a lifeline in a lace shawl. However, I either missed the tip or otherwise didn’t think about the fact that *waxed* dental floss is really sticky! It was a pain to get in (really I should have abandoned it and found something more suitable), and I’m sure it’ll be a pain to get out. So it can be used as a lifeline, but get the unwaxed type!


  3. Cool iPod case. I love it when the Spidey Sense works. Let’s see…. what else to do with dental floss? Well when you need to tie a string on your finger to remember something you could use it, and you could lick it if you need a mint.



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