Food and fabric

Food and fabric

My mum’s bedsocks are nearly finished, but in the meantime, I’ve been baking and shopping!

Banana and coconut cake
Banana and coconut cake


Chocolate and almond cookies
Chocolate and almond cookies


Apple Spice Muffins
Apple Spice Muffin




Travel bag outer fabric:
circle fabric large circle fabric close
Wide shot/tight shot


Travel bag lining fabric
pink skulls on black
(photo swiped from eBay)


Space fabric:

Space fabric with scale
With scale object (UK 3-pin plug by astronaut).

I have 1 metre of the space fabric, so I’ve got to think of something to make with it that will do it justice. Any ideas?

See you in a few days with a finished pair of bedsocks.


7 thoughts on “Food and fabric

  1. Oh I love looking at other people’s cooking!!! It looks delicious: I like bananas and apples. Yum!! Very nice material. I made a Star Trek quilt for MrsDrWho. I had more fabric. Ohhh arrrgh Jolly Roger: very nice lining. Have you seen POTC 3? It is on here but I haven’t. It is very long, but you have to stay till the end of the credits.


  2. please share that cookie and muffin recipe. I’m always collecting them so that when I have house guests, I can spoil them with home baked goodies.


  3. You could make a drawstring bag, lined with the same fabric for smallish knitting projects. I really like the spacey stuff. It goes with knitting right?

    The food looks fabooooo.


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