Don’t leave comments when …

Don’t leave comments when …

It’s past midnight.

You haven’t slept properly in days, and it’s past midnight.

You had a nasty reaction to some peanut butter on toast and aren’t feeling well, you haven’t slept properly in days and it’s past midnight.

I apologise if I’ve left you an incoherent and/or rambling comment in the last few minutes.

As compensation, please admire these photos of my feeble attempts at crochet.

double crochet swatch


Test for an amigurumi I’m going to make if I ever print out the pattern. (I’d link to it, but Crochet Me is having some downtime to transfer to a new server. Remind me on Friday, if you are interested, or just search when they are back up.)


crochet bag with flap


A bag with triangular flap.

This is currently my camera bag and I have no idea what the stitch is and no idea how I made it. It’s fun crocheting by the seat of your pants!

I’m going to try and get some sleep now. Wish me luck!


6 thoughts on “Don’t leave comments when …

  1. Good luck!! I’m having Vegemite on toast. Lte at night, when I’m tired, who knows what my fingers type!! Nice crocheting. Didn’t you have a guess/please tell me what stitch I’ve used a while ago?? Hope you sleep well and feel better…


  2. yep…happy hooking. April does mean the crocheting …right?????( is that allowed on knitting blogs?) And you think you are leaving “interesting” comments!!!!


  3. After the sandman finds you, could you send him over here? I desperately need some more sleep too after this crazy work-overloaded week I had.
    Isn’t crochet fun too? I just wish I wasn’t on a yarn diet/stash busting so I could buy the yarn for more Amigurumis(my goal is emptying one plastic box atleast).


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