Knitting and tinking

Knitting and tinking

For the uninitiated, to “tink” something is to un-knit it; i.e. it’s “knit” spelt backwards!

In my continued efforts to recycle the projects that don’t fit me or that I don’t like, I present to you some more lambs-to-the-slaughter (don’t worry, they were tofu “laimbs”, because I’m vegetarian*).

Mariposa tank that was.

the reverse of knitting

Didn’t suit me and I never wore it. If I’ve got enough yarn, I’ll make a more flattering sleeveless number. If I’m short on the yarn, I might try and get a few more balls of Calmer in a complimenting shade to eek it out.

Simply Lovely Lace Socks.

simply lovely lace socks 1

I think I can say “nice idea in theory” with these. They were supposed to be for my mum, but they were way too small, so I had them, but they are too small and short for me. They are actually quite uncomfortable to wear, so I’m ripping these and turning them into a pair of socks for my mum which will hopefully fit!

Amble socks


Basically, reference the lace socks but with texture work and I didn’t take them on.

And now on to the reverse of tinking

I started my mum’s bed socks the other day, and this is progress so far.

bedsock 1 finished.jpg
Just the one sock, showing the two sides.

A toe-up sock? Never. That’s such a shock. I’ve never knit one of those before. 😉

The yarn is the Rowan Cashsoft I had originally bought for my cousin’s fair isle slipover. I’m looking at the colours I chose and I’m thinking – Why? They were some interesting choices. Anyway, the yarn is super-soft and my mum won’t mind about the colours as long as her feet stay warm at night!

* Kind of a vegetarian/vegan “in” joke. Substitute products are often called similar names to their “real” counterparts, but with a few letters changed or added. For example, “Scheeze” for a vegan cheese.


4 thoughts on “Knitting and tinking

  1. So this is really a tsop!! I have 2 cardigans I need to unravel..I should do it, but it eats into my actual knitting time!!The Bedsock looks very cosy. Nice striping too!!!


  2. That’s too bad about the projects that need to be ripped, but if they can be used for something better and that fits, all the better. Nice bedsock for your mum, looks very cosy.


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