FO: Broadripple socks

FO: Broadripple socks

Broadripple side no shoes.jpg

Name: Opal Broadripple socks
Pattern: (name, author, source) Broadripple, Rob Matyska, Knitty Summer 2003.
(N.B. – I used the Koigu/fingering-weight version of this pattern that Rob had posted to the Threadbear Fiber Arts website. I can’t find a functioning copy anymore. The only link I could find was this, but it didn’t open for me. You could probably work the patterning out using the details of my sock. I’m not going to breach copyright by posting it here. Wanda said she had emailed him and got the pattern, so you could try that.)

Broadripple side crocs.jpgYarn: (name, fibre, weight, colour) Opal Rodeo Cotton, 48% cotton/39% wool/13% nylon, sock-weight, colour number 1172.

Needles: (size, material, style) 2.5 mm bamboo d.p.n.

Construction: (toe/heel/ribbing/cast off or cast on) short row stocking stitch/garter stitch unwrapped short row/garter border/crochet cast off.

Number of stitches: (in foot/in leg) 72/72

Knitting style: (toe, foot/leg, heel, ribbing) Combination, English, English, Combination.

Modifications: Worked toe-up with a garter stitch short row heel.
Broadripple finished top.jpgNotes: I cast on sitting on a coach in Bury bus station on the 2nd of April and did practically no knitting during my week away. I cast off just before 11 p.m. on the 8th of May. 5 weeks Nearer to 4 weeks is pretty good going for me! I’d hazard a guess and say it’s unprecedented!

And James T. Kirk, these are comfortable. They fit pretty much perfectly. My only concern is the fabric could be a little loose. I could have done with using 2.25mm needles, but I didn’t have any. 🙂

Overall – well done that man.

9 thoughts on “FO: Broadripple socks

  1. One of my favorite sock patterns! They look great. There used to be a link through Knitty, but it’s a while back, so you might have to do some searching.


  2. Very nice socks. That’s one thing I worried about was 72 stitches being too big of a sock for me. Perhaps I will try 72 sts but on sz 0s instead? Hmm, we’ll see.


  3. Love your Broadripples. They look fab ! Particularly like the hitched skirt shot.
    It’s a great pattern. A nice bit of symmetry to it, so that the knitting has a pleasant rythm to it. I’m knitting a pair for a slender ankled [spit !] friend. 64 sts on 2.5 mm needles. Socks that Rock lightweight. A bit denser yarn than Opal.

    How’s the head ? :0)


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