Three comments!?

Three comments!?

I drop a TV on my head and I get three comments!?

What does girl have to do around here to get comments?

Right. I’m off to go and stand in the middle of the motorway.

[Five minutes later]

So I got as far as door and realised I hadn’t had my lunch yet. Plus it requires getting my motorway-walking boots on …


I’ve had my EMG/NCT investigations done and I passed! Boo! Lovely man, though. We had a nice chat. The pad of my thumb is killing me, so I’m really glad I finished the Broadripples last night (post to follow).

In the meantime, I give you yarn (courtesy of Anne from “How the West was Spun” blog and Wooly Wonka Fibers).

wooly wonka1.jpg

Wasatch sock yarn macro.jpg

It’s the Wasatch colourway for the Boudica sock kit (pattern by the ever-fabulous Mim).

Seriously.  Yarn that looks like a winter storm sky over the Pennine moors and a pattern named after a Celtic female leader?  How could I not?

These will be my next socks, after I’ve made a pair of bed socks for my mum (already cast those on).

Ta ra!

7 thoughts on “Three comments!?

  1. Ouchie! I hope the TV incident will in no way damage your sock-knitting skills. 🙂

    I am never ceased to be amazed at how quickly the package makes the jump across the puddle from here. How can it take less time to get to you than…say…. Boston? Anyhoo, enjoy – it a stunning pattern and Mim (as usual) rocks. If you finish those up and want to send a picture, I’m hosting a customer photo gallery at the store!


  2. It’s this modern life, we see far worse than TVs on heads every day!! Yay!! Passing your tests(I think!!) There was an excellent programme on Boudicca on TV last year here, obviously from the UK. It told the ‘real’ story, kind of TimeTeamish. I would like to say you would have every chance of being knocked down on the highway just down the hill: 4 lanes, separated, Take no Prisoners driving even though there is a speed limit.I can’t take The Labradors for a walk near the river unless I drive down the hill. We could never cross the road!!


  3. Hehe sorry, when I commented I forgot about the tv part.

    One of my bridesmaids got attacked by a dresser last week and had 4 teeth knocked out.

    I think they need to start a new show… Furniture Gone Wild!


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