So I dropped a TV on my head

So I dropped a TV on my head

And my shoulder.

And my thumb.

I know what you’re thinking, but don’t worry, the TV’s fine. šŸ˜€

I wonder if being a numpty is considered a disability? I’d be a shoe-in!

The good news is that despite the swelling and soreness, I can still knit! Yay!

Firstly, I’d like to thank everyone for their responses to my previous post. As Debi and Wanda both said, in my more optimistic moments I think about all the things I can offer any potential employer (ability to work independently, very self-motivated, excellent time management) but in my erm … less optimistic moments all of that goes out of the window!

In response to Woolly Wormheaded Ruth’s suggestion in the comments about creating a badge … well I did! You can make one for yourself at

A diversion.

Here’s something that made my inner geek go “Squee!”:

cool shipment address.jpg

Roswell! The contents of the parcel is something I’ll be blogging about later, but how cool is that?!

Knitting whatsits.

Progress on the second Broadripple is steady and I’m now past the heel.

broadripple 05-05-07.jpg

Posing with the first sock to prove I’m not recycling photos.

I’ve also made progress on the top down sleeveless number and it now looks like this:

jessica top progress 05-05-07.jpg

To compare, see this photo taken on the 21st of April.
I also played with the Cotton Ease from Wanda and did a little of this:

cotton ease swatch.jpg

There are notes on the Flickr photo as to watch each bit is, if anyone is interested.

I spent most of yesterday shivering in a blanket because it’s gone cccccccold. I think at a low it was 11 degrees C (about 50 F?) and given that the last few days have been around double that, it’s come as a bit of shock to my system.

I snuggled down in front of Ugly Betty and one or other of the Law and Order Franchise (the one with Vincent D’Onofrio). With knitting, obviously! Tonight it’s CSI: New York and the original L&O.

Enjoy your May bank holiday if you are having one. I’ll be back sometime next week after I’ve had an EMG and a Nerve Conductivity Test.

7 thoughts on “So I dropped a TV on my head

  1. It’s meant to be ‘What’s on TV?’ not ‘What’s TV on?’!! Glad you are fairly OK, and I see you are knitting away happily!!! Eurovision starts on SBS here next week. I like Eurovision, because all the Euro countries cringe at their entries and we’re not there, so we can feel slightly superior. Nol Point!!!
    I love The Tilty Headed Man L&O, it’s my favourite!!


  2. Glad to see you can still knit.
    Hope your Tilty Headed Man episode wasn’t a repeat…ours so often are.
    I often am in the midlle of doing things and think”If this falls on me/I fall off this.. I will be dead before any one finds me.” This has never stopped me from rearranging furniture at 2 am or changing light bulbs…in the dark. Why should being useless prevent us from any activity????!!!!


  3. I sympathize with the invisible disability problem. I have (nonsurgical) torn cartilage in both hips, and in the left it’s detaching from the bone. On good days I don’t even limp, on bad ones I can barely walk. People can’t comprehend a 25 year old having that kind of problem though. I’m in physical therapy twice a week (down from three times, woohoo!) and this is now my 5th month. I spend twice as long there each day as the other patients do. I’m so tired of people in their 50s, 60s, and older acting like I don’t know what pain is, just because I’m not their age.


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