The following post contains images of human-computer interfacing. They may be considered nauseating by most right-thinking persons and are not suitable for anyone.

Crafting will follow the lurve.

Mac love 3

Mac love 2

Mac love 1

I wuv woo.

I’m still working on a few hiccups (like the fact I can’t see pictures on Norma’s blog or Grumperina’s site and I can’t download my audio books from Audible.co.uk) but overall it’s been a smooth ride.

Crafty Goodness.

Rowan 4-ply swatch This is what I’ve decided to do with the Rowan 4-ply cotton which used to be the Rowan design “Martha”.

It’s going to be a scoop-neck summer cardigan (although when I’ll get around to making it is another thing all together).

I’m planning elbow-length sleeves and for it to be fitted, but not clinging. I’m going to work it in pieces to provide some stability for the cotton yarn. Oh, how traditional!

EDIT – Check out one of the Knitty surprises. A cardigan with the exact same stitch pattern – talk about weird!

New tools Lookie what I got from Get Knitted!

You can’t see what the needles are (I wasn’t really paying attention when I took the photograph) but they are the knitting equivalent of hen’s teeth; 2.25 mm bamboo double pointed needles!!!

The 2 mm are too small and sometimes the 2.5 mm are too large.  Just call me the Golidlocks of sock knitting needles, I suppose!

(Yes, three exclamations marks were strictly necessary.)

And check out that crochet hook! Mmmmm….. comfort grip …. 😀
Cotton Ease competition yarn And finally, Wanda rocks.

She held a blog competition/draw for her blog’s anniversary and I won 5 balls of Lion Brand Cotton Ease. The yarn is really light and doesn’t feel like an aran-weight at all. I see a nice sleeveless or short sleeved top in my future and I already have a couple of ideas floating around in my head.

Thank you, again, Wanda.

Brief, but all the better for it!


5 thoughts on “Warning!

  1. Oh Dave, Can you hear me Dave? (or Daverina I expect!!) I expect it will be much more reliable than a man!!!!!! As soon as I saw your swatch I thought of the Surprise cardi!! How spooky!! I love only 2.25mm dpns. Here others struggle to find 2.5mm. We always yearn for what we can’t have!! What a nice win, you have done very well.


  2. If…AHEM…I mean WHEN I get a mac, I’ll be kissing and hugging it too. It may or may not make it into photohistory or blogland, but I’m sure the description of it will be….public, yeah, public.


    yaaaay Macs rock


  3. Congrats on the Mac! Looks like you are in love. While you love the 2.25 mm, I’m usually on the prowl for 2.5 mm, which are a bit rarer to find in the US. Pretty funny stuff. I’m glad that you found a new use for the Martha sweater. The Cotton-Ease is really quite nice and it is lightweight, not aran weight at all.


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