Flip flopping

Flip flopping

I went back and forth about whether or not I should post today in wake of the incident in Virginia. Eventually I concluded that if you wanted to be distracted, a rambling Brit might be just the ticket.


Where have you been my whole sock-knitting life?

broadripple 2 top

Two rows. 1 with patterning, 1 plain.

Memorized in about three seconds.

Great result for very little work.

I love you.

broadripple 1 side

(Yes, I’m mad. Yes, I’m taking pills.)

Project Spectrum: Pink/Green/Yellow.

You’ve already seen my first entry for this cycle (my mum’s green socks) but I thought I’d share some of the flowers plants I’ve captured.

Project spectrum - pink, green and yellow

1. Camellia 3, 2. Primroses, 3. Camillia 2, 4. Camellia 4, 5. green and gold grass, 6. march marigold shade, 7. marsh marigold bed, 8. marsh marigold sun, 9. nibbled Ivy, 10. moss 006, 11. moss 002, 12. witches pool fruiting moss1, 13. witches pool fruiting moss2

A philosophical question.

I’ve recently (?) realised that this blog malarkey is interactive! So, here’s a question for anyone who wants to answer it:

Would you still fancy [a celebrity/actor/singer] if they worked in a supermarket?

An example.

Lead singer of Maroon 5? No.

Brad Pitt? Yes.

Get it? Go…


12 thoughts on “Flip flopping

  1. James Masters….yes ( so long as he doesn’t talk and the supermarket has an available storeroom)
    James Spader…no.

    Good game…although maybe I need some of those pills.


  2. Oh No MrsDrWho is off and racing now!!! I think I shall do one for her:
    Colin Baker-Yes
    Hugh Grant(Comic Relief Doctor)-No!!!!!!
    I have heard of, but never knitted, the Broadripple. They look very snazzy, I might ned a pair later on.
    Good old tablets, eh???!!


  3. Thanks for the distraction. I posted on my own blog to get my mind off what is going on in the western part of my beloved home state. Love the Broadripples, too. What yarn is that? I like it very much.


  4. Broadripple socks are da BEST! Yours look great.

    Robert Plant – anywhere, anytime, whatever. (RP if you are reading this, call me!). Steven Tyler – no, not ever, even with his millions.


  5. I keep meaning to knit this pattern. I even emailed the guy who wrote the pattern for the sockweight version and still haven’t done it. Thanks for reminding me of these great socks! Yours look great too, the colorway is very nice. And two rows, one pattern one plain, sounds like even I could remember it!


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