Elodea Spiral Socks

Elodea Spiral Socks

elodea finished

Name: Mum’s 2007 birthday socks.
Pattern: Elodea* Spiral Socks by me
Yarn: (name, fibre, weight, colour) socksthatfit.net, 100% superwash merino sock weight in Evergreen Tonal and Kiwi Tonal
Needles: (size, material, style) 2.25mm (st. st. and g. st.) and 2.75 mm and 3 mm (mosaic) all aluminium circular needles.
Construction: (toe/heel/ribbing/cast off or cast on) Short row st. st. over half the foot stitches, short row garter stitch over 60% of foot stitches, 3/3 rib, crochet cast off.
Number of stitches: (in foot/in leg) 72/78
Knitting style: (toe, foot/leg, heel, ribbing) Combination, English, English, Combination.
Modifications: Any changes? Plenty along the way, but since it was my pattern anyway, they were all “design features”!
Notes: problems or general comments?
It took me a while to get here.
Over 18 months in the planning and around 6 weeks in the actually knitting, but I got there eventually!
And they fit! They fit, they fit, they fit!!! I didn’t need to pray, stretch the socks or grease my mum’s feet up! They even go over the cotton lining socks she normally wears with wool socks.

I’m going to lay down now.

Oh, and my mum likes them.

elodea finished pattern detail

green sock yarn macro close up

*Elodea is the genus of an aquatic plant commonly known as water or pond weed.


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