The Highlands 2007

The Highlands 2007

Thrilling title, is it not?

I took 116 photos in 5 days.

You’ll be very grateful to hear that I’ve been selective in those I’ve uploaded to Flickr. I’m going to be even more selective in those I show directly on the blog. So if you’re on dial-up or limited download, you can lower your blood pressure rate now! ๐Ÿ™‚

All the photos are in one “Album” on this page on Flickr (click to see thumbnails of all of them – will open in a new window or tab) or go here for a Slideshow.

Anyway, on to the show.

I’ve created a Google map with little points of interest. Each days activity is colour-coded, but that doesn’t really matter. To see it in detail (complete with notes) go here (will open in a new window).


View across Glen Coe
view across glen coe from the top

“Witches Pool” waterfall
witches pool falls

A very well behaved red deer posing for tourists
red deer 1

Theo in the beautiful Inveraray
theo in inverarary

A loch that looks like a map of Scotland
map of scotland loch

Theo on the Isle of Skye in front of the Skye Bridge
theo on skye infront of the bridge

And finally, the best photo I got of a Highland Cow.
a highland cow no really
No, really. All the others were much worse.

I had a lovely time and I’ve already started the ball rolling on my next trip (to the Lake District – never been).
N.B.: I’ve finally finished my mum’s “birthday” socks, so there will be photos and whatnot in the next day or so.

5 thoughts on “The Highlands 2007

  1. Great slide show. I am going to show it to my dad next time he comes over…I will get a big history lesson but it will be worth it.
    I like the lovely bronze (?) otter… and all the scenery. Not really near civilization were you!!??!! I take back previous comments!!!!!!
    What a charming travelling companion too…all you could wish for. He posed particualrly well.


  2. Welcome back!! (Your dreams were your ticket out…now I can’t get that song out of my head: ear worm!!!) I haven’t watched slide shows or looked at colour coded google maps!!!!!! yet, but I shall!! I love the lake shaped like Scotland!!!


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