Well, you lot, anyway 😀

I’m back.  I’m tired, but good tired.

I had a wonderful time with a great bunch of people and I’m already planning my next trip.

I did a pitiful amount of knitting.  Lets put it this way; I’d didn’t even finish the first toe on my toe-up sock!

Photos will be forthcoming – stay calm April – but I really need to rest now.

Oh, and the mountains were big.  Like crazy big.  Not like Utah big, but still …


2 thoughts on “Civilisation

  1. Glad you had a great holiday with likeminded people!! What is with the English cricket team?? Honestly they need a b*mb under them (the * is in case if I say b*mb I will be asked to leave your blog!!!!) At least no-one was in a scandal this time!!!


  2. I am assuming that when you headed the post “Civilisation” that you meant you were coming back FROM somewhere civilised.
    You couldn’t posssible be implying that Scotland is UN-civilised????Hmmmmmmmmmmmm?????
    They have the wild haggis population under control and hardly anyone gets attacked by a Heelund Coo any more and purrdige, tattties and neaps aren’t served for every meal (well…maybe tatties) What more do you want, you compaining sasinack???????
    He he he


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