I’m on holiday now; assuming that this publishes at 10am BST on the 2nd of April, otherwise – Surprise! I’m home!

This is my route:

fw route close up

A close up on the mileage?

fw route

Except it will be further than that because I have to go South to go North.

I’ve estimated it will take me between eight and ten hours to get up to Fort William. Wow. I have knitting, podcasts and an antiquated device called a CD Player. Wish me luck!

I managed some last-minute sewing of an eye mask:

eye mask public side eye mask on eye mask reverse

All hand sewn. I’ve very proud of myself!

And finally…

Would you like to see my travelling companion?

travel companion

I realised that I couldn’t be in the photos if I was taking them, so Theo T. Bear (the T. stands for “The”) will be my stand-in! He’s already taken part in the Little Visitor Swap over at Craftster, so he’s well travelled. He’s actually been further from home than me!

Oh, and good news on my mum’s presents – they arrived the next day and they were promptly wrapped and gifted. She was particularly pleased with the garden twine (I’m not kidding).

If you post a comment and it doesn’t show up, it’s probably been mistaken for spam.  I’ll catch it when I get back.

So, see you in 5 days…

2 thoughts on “Surprise!

  1. You lucky lucky girl…..I wish I was on a Scottish holiday .I have actually been to Fort William. I think there was a wild life park with exceedingly cute seals and otters…but that might have been Oban.
    I neeeeeeeed to stop spending all my money on pointless things…like food, petrol and mortgage and get myself “home”.


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