Mission: Improbable

Mission: Improbable

I was nearly there. I almost made it. I was felled by an unanticipated foe – the common cold. Very “War of the Worlds”, no?

elodea 2 30-03-07

Progress on my mum’s socks as of March the 30th 2007.

I didn’t quite make it to my self-imposed deadline of my mum’s birthday (today) and I probably won’t make the end of March. I might finish by the first of April. I’d like that because of the accidental synergy with the first day of the Green/Yellow/Pink cycle of Project Spectrum.

We’ll see.

She may not have a pair of socks. She may even not have the majority of the presents I ordered for her (bloody mail order). But she does have a wholemeal, handmade cake with Green and Blacks chocolate covering …

Mum's birthday cake
My mum’s “rustic” birthday cake. She said she likes imperfect cakes because it makes it easier to eat them!

If I finish the socks before I go on my hols, I’ll post, but otherwise I’ll see you Friday the 6th of April. With a tan? Nah! 😀


7 thoughts on “Mission: Improbable

  1. Please welcome me to your Mission:Improbable club too. I will have finished 2 Bunny Calico eggs but the little flat circular felt bunnie will be waiting till Thursday of Ffriday to be finished. I hope they don’t self-destruct!!! Despite having to disavow all knowledge of the sock, it is beautiful and worth the wait. Very yummy cake. Easter is a boogelly time for me as I can’t eat chocolate.


  2. I don’t think your mom will be that worried about the presents when she’s got that fan-freaking-tastic cake to eat! Nice…

    Hope you’re feeling much better.


  3. In my book there is absolutely no such thing as an imperfect cake!!!! Every cake is perfect in its own way!!!!!!!
    Looks DELICIOUS.


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