Springy nature bag

Springy nature bag

nature bag


Name: Springy Nature Shoulder bag
Pattern: From “Zig Zag Magazine” volume 14, by Burda, view C.
Fabric: A printed cotton upholstery fabric with loose weave.
Fabric source: Dunelm Mill shop
Recipient: Me!
Modifications: Added a zip pocket at the front, a patch pocket inside and omitted the lining.
I made the base from a double layer (one of which was interfaced with a heavy weight fusible interface) and bound the raw edges with yellow satin bias binding.
Notes: I made this specifically for my Scotland holiday, but I can see myself getting a lot of use out of this bag.
It goes over my shoulder, lies across my body and sits nicely on my hip.
It has a decent capacity to it and should prove very handy as a small shopping bag or perfect for shoving stuff in for car/train/coach journeys.
I’ve very happy with the way the bag turned out, but I’m slightly disappointed with the application of the bias binding around the base of the bag (see image below) and the zip insertion was a bit tricky.

The width of the bag is about 50 cm (18″ or so) wide with a similar height.

The bias binding join:
nature bag bias binding join

The main zip detail:
nature bag zip detail

nature bag inner pocket zip pocket detail nature bag base inside nature bag zip pocket wrong side
L to R: Inner patch pocket, Zip pocket detail (with glasses for scale!), the inside of the bag showing the base, the wrong side of the front zip pocket.


6 thoughts on “Springy nature bag

  1. I love the little dancing Spring thing!!! Very nice bag. I always line my bags just because I am too lazy to finish off seams!!! It will be a perfect Holiday bag.


  2. Zippers and I do not get along with each other, They are STOOPID! Well, they are nice when someone else puts them in, but when I do it, it sucks. BUT even though I really suck at it, those things do NOT ever even think about coming apart, because I SEW the heck out of it so that once I get it in the right spot, it ain’t movin! those darn zippers. and bias tape? sigh – it’s all wiggly, it doesn’t agree with being sewn on things and so it consternates me.

    This is why I knit. seamless stuff preferably

    Your bag rocks, you could put rocks in it too! (still hyper, as you see) I wish I could fit in there and go with you to Scotland.

    Did I tell you I was in the market for a sewing machine?


  3. Cute bag. Although I will admit to reading this post with my fingers stuck in my ears singing la la la la. I have to do this when 2paw explains knitting to me…or politics or maths.


  4. Awesome awesome! I’m mishti, from Craftster. I love your blog; I base these things upon the colors and witty prose. My favorite color is lime green and anything with it.

    April, I am so glad you used “consternate” in a sentence. I was talking to my husband and I used it and he said it wasn’t a word. Ha! I love randomness, don’t you?


  5. That’s a really cute bag. I’m sorry you and your mom are having health issues. Hopefully something would get figured out soon. Enjoy your holiday.


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