Countdown: 8 days

Countdown: 8 days

Can it be done?

I’ve got eight make that seven days to knit one sock. I have two separate medical-related appointments to accompany my mum on, which knocks out half a day each for recovery time. I also have to start thinking about packing for my holiday. Plus I’m also doing some last-minute sewing for my trip. So, here’s the question: Can I do it?

Oh, yeah. I finished the first sock. Did I mention that?

elodea 1st sock finished


Unblocked and unworn and therefore looking like crap.

elodea 2nd sock started

The second sock – using the cable needle as the waste yarn for the provisional cast on.

I’ll have all cast off/pattern/needle details once I’ve finished, so don’t ask at the moment!

I’m sorry about not responding to comments like I normally do. I’m now on the computer for about an hour a day because I just can’t justify the time.

Talking of which, I’m going to become a MacBook baby! I’ve been needing a replacement for the 4 kilograms of wasted space that is my current laptop and, having done research, I’ve decided to go over to “The White Side”… My brother says he’s going to disown me – hehe! πŸ™‚

Any advice from Mac users will be greatly appreciated. I use mostly freeware/open source software at the moment, so I don’t anticipate any problems with moving over.

I was bored and so I decided to do a little test square in the Opal Rodeo Cotton yarn shown last time:

opal rodeo cotton swatch

Messin’ around with yarn.

I went through all my stitch directories and couldn’t find anything that was simple, would bring out the best in the yarn and not disappear in the stripes and ragg colouring. I failed. I then remembered that someone had done the hard work for me. Thanks Rob!

Oh, and in response to comments from the last post – I wish I were going to Jamaica. For the World Cup final. Or semi-final. Or any cricket match. I am instead going to what is possibly the anti-Jamaica – the Highlands of Scotland. Och Ai! I’m fifth-generation Scottish, so I’m aloud to do that πŸ˜‰

Not that I’m obsessed with the cricket, but this is my desktop wallpaper. Come on Monty!

Right, I’m off to paint a bath panel (that’s not a euphemism, by the way) . πŸ™‚


9 thoughts on “Countdown: 8 days

  1. Go Amy go! *doing wild cheerleeding gestures*
    I will probably not be able to complete my challenge. Not because my old sewing machine died, but because I brought a new one! Will have to play with it for awhile first. It has all those funky stitches!


  2. In the same vein: Save the Cheerleader: Save the Socks!!!! I don’t know if you would be safe at the cricket with al those murder rumours floating about. Yep, that’s me, stealing your hour and I shall enjoy every single second!!! I didn’t think you meant Connery Junior. I know the new RH is is, well, ‘new’, but it has Richard Armitage. Sigh!! Despite its unblockiness the sock looks so beautiful: a verdant sock!!!


  3. WOW, I’m excited for you, cool. Take pics for me – I learned I DO have Scottish in me after all! YAAAY ME. =) maybe we are related after all. I have LOTS OF Brit and Irish in me too – So, I’m related to everyone, I guess.


  4. How bout I go on your vacation for you, and you can come lounge around down here? I live in Florida, an hour from Disney and Kennedy Space Center, and 10 minutes from the beach, how’s it sound? It’ll be in the 80s all week, too.

    I definitely have to go to the Highlands someday. One of my few friends in Germany was actually Scottish, and I have a good bit of Scottish blood in me (though never enough lol).

    You can definitely get your sock done, too.


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