I don’t like cricket

I don’t like cricket

Anyone ahead of me here?

Oh, no. I love it! 🙂

Crafting to come … firstly though …

What a start to the world cup! Ireland beating Pakistan on St. Patrick’s Day! Bangladesh beating their mighty neighbour, India. And England’s talisman, Andrew “Freddy” Flintoff, being fined and dropped from the team for “Pedalogate”. It turns out to be pretty serious, too. Wow.

EDIT: Bloody hell.  Bob Woolmer, the Pakistan coach, has died.  Yeesh.  I just hope it was natural causes.   Anyway, on to other things.

Socks galore.

Progress has been made on my mum’s sock.

elodea progress 15-03-07

One day’s progress shown by the safety pins.

I had to rip back the leg patterning shown in the last post because it was too tight. I increase six stitches after the heel and then also increased the needle size part way up the leg. I’m a little further on now than this photo shows, but I’ve not quite finished the first one yet.

elodea progress 17-03-07 1

Yesterday’s status!

I’m about on schedule for finishing by my mum’s birthday (the 30th) assuming I can keep up about the same rate of knitting.

I’ve put a macro photo up of the leg patterning, but it’s massiiiiive, so only for broadband/cable users I think. You can see it here on my Flickr pages.

My Next Sock.

opal sock yarn no flash

L-R: Opal Uni in “Dutch Orange” and purple and Rodeo Cotton in 1414 – catchy name!

The yarn came from KCG Trading and was ON SALE! You don’t have to be a Knitting and Crochet Guild Member to buy, and you can pay by PayPal.

The Rodeo Cotton will be coming with me on my holiday (two weeks to go – eep!) and I’ve already got a pattern in mind for the purple yarn.

Purchased at the same time were the coil-less safety pins shown above, plus some Addi Teddy Bear Needle Huggers:

teddy needle huggers

Don’t they look just like Gummy Bears?

Needle Huggers – the vegetarian Gummy Bear Alternative! 😀

Talking of vegetarian – does anyone know of a vegetarian or vegan recipe the uses olives (black or green). You may quote Delia or Marguerite, or any where online is fine. I got some to have on my wholewheat, handmade, pizza tonight, but I’m going to have a whole can and a whole jar left over! Thanks in advance.


2 thoughts on “I don’t like cricket

  1. Yes, Woolmer’s death was on the radio when I woke up. Very sad. Are you going on a Jamaican Holiday then???!!!! The sock is looking really good. Your mum is going to be very happy!!


  2. HEY MON! You comin’ to dis side o’ de pond? O JaMAca, MON! I be JEALOUS, I be JEELLLLous


    AWEsome new sock yarn. I’m a total knit whimp these days! Good thing for your March Madness or I’d be a non-knitting-knitter-slacker!

    I love the macro shot, tho, that’s some awesome patterning – or whatever, texture. I love it, in other words.

    I hope you are feeling better these days, and as for the olives…? I just usually eat the rest out of the can, or jar =)*) ME LOVE OLIVES garble garble garble


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