The coolest pattern in the world?

The coolest pattern in the world?

But seriously, it shouldn’t have a question mark at the end of it. It should be a statement. Heere be Dragone is the coolest pattern in the world.

heere be dragone pattern

And I am now the very proud owner of a PDF copy. It’s all Claudia’s fault. You can get your very own copy on Etsy, direct from the designer herself. The reply email you get is worth the money alone!

I have the perfect green yarn for it (the same as I’m using for the Mystery/Moss Shawl) and this will make the Welsh bits of me very happy indeed. It will also make the sci-fi/fantasy bits of me equally happy! šŸ™‚

The coolest shoes in the world?

I know that some people think they are the ugliest shoes in the world, but I love them.

cayman crocs 1 cayman crocs 2

I am Crocs, hear me roar! šŸ˜€

I got them from an online shop called FitFeetUK. Talk about great customer service! My original choice (purple) wasn’t in stock, so they called me a couple of hours after I’d placed the order to talk and we decided that Fuchsia was the next best. I ordered on Thursday and got the shoes on Saturday.

March Madness news:

My typically unreliable health has decided to say “Hello” so progress has ground to very slow crawl. This means that I’m only up to the start of the leg patterning now.

elodea 13-03-07 3

Here’s the garter stitch heel in progress:

elodea 13-03-07 1 elodea 13-03-07 2

It really is, visually, the ugliest heel in the world, but it feels really nice to wear.

I’ve also finished some sewing for a Craftster swap. The person I sent to has either got them by now, or she’s on holiday in Costa Rica so either way I’m safe to post.

the whole travel collection

I’m really proud of this little lot. They are all fairly simple in style but I think i pulled it off. I also included some tourist information for the local area. For more, close-up views, visit my Flickr page and see all the photos marked “travel”.

Unfortunately, my swap partner had a total date-flake and forgot about me šŸ˜¦ However, I have a swap angel šŸ™‚


7 thoughts on “The coolest pattern in the world?

  1. OK The Dragon shawl is officially fulfilling all your geeky/sci-fi/nationalistci fervours! How very beautiful!!! I have no crocs although there are green ones. We had croc thongs too this Summer, though I never wear them, they hurt the in between my toes part. Socks are looking lovely, as I expected. Hope your health issues say ‘Goodbye’ soon!!!


  2. I love that pattern! Only I’ve decided to not knit any shawls anymore untill I have atleast worn the few I have once…
    Beeing flaked upon sucks, hopefully she gets the full attention of her bad craft karma!
    Hope your health gets better soon and I’m so not commenting on the shoes…but nice color šŸ˜‰


  3. COOOOOOL heh heh That has to be the coolest shawl pattern I’ve ever seen. wow

    Sorry about your body and non cooperation… etc =(

    the sock is coming along, tho, you’re doing well, in spite of stupid health junk!


  4. I am a knitting no show but my sci/fi fantasy geekiness twangs at the sight of the dragon pattern.
    I have crocs…black ones. They are very ugly but soooooooooooooooooooooooooo comfortable. It isn’t as if I actually have any satorial elegance but I can’t bring my self to wear them to work…..just not quite “professional” enough. And this from someone who once worked in a school where it was considered dressy to wear socks with sandshoes!!!!!


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