Pride before a fall?

Pride before a fall?

Remember this love photo montage I showed?

Elodea spiral socks progress 4th March

Well I paused for a second on Sunday night, just to step back and admire my work, and realised this:

elodea 06-03-07 001

So, I decided to do this:

elodea ripped back to the toe

and start again.

I’m still totally in love with the mosaic pattern and it’s the whole reason I bought the yarn.

I can’t really go up yet another needle size for the instep pattern on the foot, and to be honest I don’t think it would make that much of a difference.

I’m just going to have the pattern on the leg of the sock instead. This might work out slightly better for my mum anyway, because there will be smoother yarn around her foot which should mean she’ll be able to wear any type of shoe she wants.

More letting go:

Further to my previous post, I’ve decided to let the Iris Garden stranded socks go.

Here is one final photo before I say goodbye to them:

iris garden 06-03-07 1 iris garden 06-03-07 2

In order to make them fit, I increased the number of stitches and re-charted the whole sock. They are still not big enough to be comfortable. I’m not prepared to go up another needle size because the fabric will become too loose to be used as socks. Instead, I’ll either chart my own socks in a size that will fit me, or I’ll look around for a pattern in my size.

Rowan 4-ply cotton seeks new partner pattern.

An update on the cotton yarn (of the same post as before) – I bought a copy of Stitch ‘n’ Bitch Nation by Debbie Stoller and I’ve fallen in love with the Clover Leaf Wrap. No changing in size would be needed (apart from knitting the waist a size smaller than the hips and bust) and I’d quite like it with 3/4 length sleeves.

I’ve been to hairdressers and I’m now shattered. But I have shiny new red highlights and I’m all ready for my holiday in April (that’s the month, not the person). I’ll be teasing more on that later! 😉

shiny hair 06-03-07


3 thoughts on “Pride before a fall?

  1. HEY! I have new highlights, too! (and someone called me Amy yesterday! ahahaha)

    bye bye frogged socks! bye bye mosaic pattern on the foot… hello midnight – well… it’s 11, I’m tired ***yawn***


  2. Oh, I’m sure the socks will look great either way!
    Don’t get me started on sock patterns, they are always the wrong size for me. Somehow my gauge when knitting socks seems to be different from anybody elses so I always would have to change the patterns. Changing needle size never works for me because then it would be either too loose or too tight(and I refuse to go down more than one needle size, the needles are tiny enough).

    Like the new hair! I really have to go too, but untill I know how I want to get it cut it has to wait.


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