The Madness: day 4

The Madness: day 4

Here’s my progress as of day four of the March Madness (although it’s really day 3, because day 1 was a swatch!):

Elodea spiral socks progress 4th March
Taken without a flash (left) and with flash (right)

Can you spot the mistake in the pattern?

elodea close up mistake 04-03-07 001

That’s what happens when you knit at half one in the morning whilst watching Outbreak.

Here in endeth the lesson.

An update on everyone else:

April cheated by casting on in February, but hasn’t actually finished her cable chart yet, so I’ll let her off!

Javede has decided to sew her very first dress and has made a muslin.

2Paw has settled upon Easter-related crafting.

And Mrs Dr. Who (nee Mrs. MacGyver) is crafting young minds. She’s a teacher! 🙂

And, should I actually finish these socks before the end of the month, I have another challenge for myself:

cable and lace shawl kit

My own little kit for a reversible cable and lace shawl/scarf from Heartstrings Fiber Arts. Nice, huh?
Want a closer look at the yarn? Of course you do!

baby alpaca silk yarn macro

And with that drool-inducing photo, I bid you adieu!


3 thoughts on “The Madness: day 4

  1. MrsDrWho has to totally craft their minds by April?? Excellent!!! Well done on the sock even with a pattern aberration. Doesn’t the flash make such a difference?? Today I will FIND my pattern. That is my only goal and aim!!


  2. The socks look great so far (even with the slight jaunt to the vertical and back to diagonal – pretend it was on purpose)

    Yarny goodness! I really like that stuff and cables on something reversible? ***nervous laughter*** COOOOOL

    My cable chart is done now – whoooo hooooo Now to get the instructions straight in my head and get to knittin’ =)


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