Let the madness begin …

Let the madness begin …




(as my grandmother says at meal times).

For all those three of us doing this March madness thing (me, April, Javede).

Here’s today’s efforts:

green socks swatch

green socks macro

Thrilling, no?

Anyone else joining in with the insanity feel free to leave a comment. Any comment at all. Even if it’s just to say “Hi”. Aaaaaanything at all. Not that I’m desperate for love and attention or anything.

If you’ve left a comment or sent me an email recently, I’m sorry I’ve not responded sooner. I’ve hit something of a speed bump in the road of my mental health, so I’m wallowing in my own self-pity at the moment. I’ll be fine. I’ve been here before and I’ll probably be here again. It’s all good. If only I can stop the random crying …? crying bunny

And because I was bored and playing with the macro:

foam on a hot drink


8 thoughts on “Let the madness begin …

  1. Oooohh how absolutely fabulous!! So beautifully greem. Now I have to see what the madness is. I may have missed it, in my own little mental and health boogelliness!!!!


  2. Omg, I didn’t realized you wanted to knit colored-patterned socks! That truely is madness 😉
    I tried to knit mittens once with two colors in the round and that thing hit the wall more than once untill I finally gave up. I have no problem at all knitting with two colors at once, but not with these tiny needles.

    Also, I found my march madness: sewing the perfect dress! I’ve got a bunch of patterns(some vintage) and it will be the first dress I ever sew.


  3. Random moments of crying …and the problem with that is ??????????????????????????
    I am not joining in with any knitting insanity…I have a new class of kids…insanity abounds in my world….and random bouts of tears.


  4. Oh, dear you =(
    It’s rough when those speed bumps crop up and catch you unaware. THOSE BASTARDS! (scuze my French) but it’s SO mean. Gaining a whole new perspective on mental health issues is not so much fun, right? Like, couldn’t we have gone merrily on our way, skipping along without understanding THAT level of sad or random confusing despair? Come ON! That just figures! Our brains are SO stinking persnickity, they have to grant us the answer to the “Wonder why….?” that we forgot we asked a million years ago in our SLEEP? ***shaking fist*** STOP THAT YOU, squiggly brain matter, I need a NAP! (withOUT the crying, please!)

    oh…ahem…I’ll post my project somewhere around soonish. hahahahaha I still need to knit a bit more and finish that chart with the big blank in the middle. or Maybe I’ll just do that part out of the book, I dunno. =)*) laziness, I mean efficiency – we have that in common. ***kiss, kiss – hug, hug – slap, slap*** hahahahaha Lurveyeee


  5. LOVE the green – it’s SO spring! And as for the crying. Youknow, the Buddhists believe that only when you can cry from the depths of your heart – are you truly in touch with yourself. And that goes double for crying at sheer beauty – like at sunsets. AND – scientific studies have shown that emotional tears are actually loaded with body toxins – and emotional tears may be a way the body cleans itself. So…. maybe it’s not such a bad thing?


  6. Green is taking over the world!! lol. and if the socks look as good as the swatch! I am sure they are going to be gorgeous.

    Love the hot drink piccies.

    I hope you are feeling better soon.



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