Mission: Improbable

Mission: Improbable

I was nearly there. I almost made it. I was felled by an unanticipated foe – the common cold. Very “War of the Worlds”, no?

elodea 2 30-03-07

Progress on my mum’s socks as of March the 30th 2007.

I didn’t quite make it to my self-imposed deadline of my mum’s birthday (today) and I probably won’t make the end of March. I might finish by the first of April. I’d like that because of the accidental synergy with the first day of the Green/Yellow/Pink cycle of Project Spectrum.

We’ll see.

She may not have a pair of socks. She may even not have the majority of the presents I ordered for her (bloody mail order). But she does have a wholemeal, handmade cake with Green and Blacks chocolate covering …

Mum's birthday cake
My mum’s “rustic” birthday cake. She said she likes imperfect cakes because it makes it easier to eat them!

If I finish the socks before I go on my hols, I’ll post, but otherwise I’ll see you Friday the 6th of April. With a tan? Nah! 😀

Springy nature bag

Springy nature bag

nature bag


Name: Springy Nature Shoulder bag
Pattern: From “Zig Zag Magazine” volume 14, by Burda, view C.
Fabric: A printed cotton upholstery fabric with loose weave.
Fabric source: Dunelm Mill shop
Recipient: Me!
Modifications: Added a zip pocket at the front, a patch pocket inside and omitted the lining.
I made the base from a double layer (one of which was interfaced with a heavy weight fusible interface) and bound the raw edges with yellow satin bias binding.
Notes: I made this specifically for my Scotland holiday, but I can see myself getting a lot of use out of this bag.
It goes over my shoulder, lies across my body and sits nicely on my hip.
It has a decent capacity to it and should prove very handy as a small shopping bag or perfect for shoving stuff in for car/train/coach journeys.
I’ve very happy with the way the bag turned out, but I’m slightly disappointed with the application of the bias binding around the base of the bag (see image below) and the zip insertion was a bit tricky.

The width of the bag is about 50 cm (18″ or so) wide with a similar height.

The bias binding join:
nature bag bias binding join

The main zip detail:
nature bag zip detail

nature bag inner pocket zip pocket detail nature bag base inside nature bag zip pocket wrong side
L to R: Inner patch pocket, Zip pocket detail (with glasses for scale!), the inside of the bag showing the base, the wrong side of the front zip pocket.

Erggg… I feel ill

Erggg… I feel ill

[Knitting content included below!]

I can’t be ill. I don’t have enough time to be ill. I’ve got too much to do.

For two days running, I’ve woken up with the Sahara desert in my throat and now I feel blurgh all over.

I’m going on holiday in less than a week.


Mum and I went to her consultancy follow-up today. We waited for an hour and a half to be seen. The doctor told my mum that they couldn’t find anything wrong with her. He looked quite pleased. My mum didn’t punch the doctor. I’m very proud of her.

She now has something else to try and we’ve she’s got to go back in three more months. Ugh. Western medicine. The person is a whole, not something made up of individual parts.

The sock?

elodea 2 27-03-07

And none of that was done in the queue – too many people make me shy and I can’t knit in public!


Thank you for the identification of the crochet stitches I may or may not have used.  To be fair to myself, I was shaking, petrified and experiencing horrendous turbulance on my first ever flight.  So I can be forgiven for not remembering exactly what I produced!

And April was right about how painting the bath panel probably wasn’t worth all the trouble it caused.  Thing is, I still forget that I’m a not-well person.  Even after fourteen years.  Dumb, really.

Right, I’m off to stuck on a throat pastille and knit like fury.  3 days to go …

Exercise is bad for your health

Exercise is bad for your health

So says my dad, and I’m now tempted to believe him.

As mentioned in the last post, I painted the first top coat on the bath panel.


white bath panel4

This also counts for Project Spectrum. White. Etc…

This took me about quarter of an hour.

I then spent that evening and the following day utterly shattered and spasming in most major and minor muscles. And my lurgy hands are back. And they’re angry. angry

So, I’m back on the antihistamines (again) and the hydrocortisone cream (again) and I now have even less time to make my mum’s remaining sock.

And also …

white paint highlights

Paint highlights. Great.


Can someone who crochets identify what the heck this stitch is?

what crochet stitch


I made this on the plane from Manchester to Malta and I just made it up as I went along. I have no idea what it is. It could be a treble (UK terminology) but it could be something else entirely. Any ideas?

Oh, I made another Calorimetry because I can’t find have temporarily misplaced the black one I made for myself and it was easier for me to make a new one than rummage through the crud to find the first one.

Calorimetry number 3

The colour in the upper right photo is way off, but it shows the knit piece quite well. I was holding the thing together with my left hand and took the pics with my right. I need to find a button – stat!

I cast on 72 stitches in King Cole Magnum Chunky on 6mm needles. All the details about the problems with the pattern are detailed in this blog post.

Thank you. Come again.

Countdown: 8 days

Countdown: 8 days

Can it be done?

I’ve got eight make that seven days to knit one sock. I have two separate medical-related appointments to accompany my mum on, which knocks out half a day each for recovery time. I also have to start thinking about packing for my holiday. Plus I’m also doing some last-minute sewing for my trip. So, here’s the question: Can I do it?

Oh, yeah. I finished the first sock. Did I mention that?

elodea 1st sock finished


Unblocked and unworn and therefore looking like crap.

elodea 2nd sock started

The second sock – using the cable needle as the waste yarn for the provisional cast on.

I’ll have all cast off/pattern/needle details once I’ve finished, so don’t ask at the moment!

I’m sorry about not responding to comments like I normally do. I’m now on the computer for about an hour a day because I just can’t justify the time.

Talking of which, I’m going to become a MacBook baby! I’ve been needing a replacement for the 4 kilograms of wasted space that is my current laptop and, having done research, I’ve decided to go over to “The White Side”… My brother says he’s going to disown me – hehe! 🙂

Any advice from Mac users will be greatly appreciated. I use mostly freeware/open source software at the moment, so I don’t anticipate any problems with moving over.

I was bored and so I decided to do a little test square in the Opal Rodeo Cotton yarn shown last time:

opal rodeo cotton swatch

Messin’ around with yarn.

I went through all my stitch directories and couldn’t find anything that was simple, would bring out the best in the yarn and not disappear in the stripes and ragg colouring. I failed. I then remembered that someone had done the hard work for me. Thanks Rob!

Oh, and in response to comments from the last post – I wish I were going to Jamaica. For the World Cup final. Or semi-final. Or any cricket match. I am instead going to what is possibly the anti-Jamaica – the Highlands of Scotland. Och Ai! I’m fifth-generation Scottish, so I’m aloud to do that 😉

Not that I’m obsessed with the cricket, but this is my desktop wallpaper. Come on Monty!

Right, I’m off to paint a bath panel (that’s not a euphemism, by the way) . 🙂