Letting go of the UFO

Letting go of the UFO

I’ve come to realise something recently. I have too many unfinished knitting projects for my anally-retentive mind to cope with. This needs to be rectified as soon as possible. I will present those items for whom it is time to wave hello and say goodbye.

There are three items, two of which are … erm … older and one is very recent. The old ones first.

Martha cardigan from Rowan 38? 39? Can’t remember:

martha cardigan 27-02-07

This is half way up to the arm pits on the back. This is as far as I got. This is the only piece of this garment.

I had to up-size it (come on, it’s Rowan) and lengthen it too. I don’t think I up-sized it enough and I don’t think the pattern is quite right for me. As a curvy gal, I tend to gravitate towards the more flowing, circular patterns and this is very much a square, boxy one.

So, I need to frog it and I would also love some (sensible) suggestions for the newly liberated yarn. I’d like something similar in style to Martha (lacy cardigan with 3/4 length sleeves and a classic U-neck). I suspect my best bet will be to design something myself, but inspiration would still be gratefully received.

Lace cardigan from Wendy yarns:

zig zag cardi back
The whole of the back.
zig zag cardi close up
Detail of an oops!

This was my first lace project (I’m not kidding) and it’s in a nylon/acrylic blend. Don’t laugh – it seemed a good idea at the time. Having a couple of years distance (again, not kidding) I’m not sure of 1. the design and 2. the colour.

Part of the problem I would have in ripping this out is that I’ve completed the back (and that’s a lot of work) and also, what would I do with the yarn?

I may bite the bullet and finish the cardigan (it shouldn’t be too much of a problem now) but I’ll sit on that for the moment.

Leaf Lace asymmetric jacket:

leaf lace jacket 27-02-07

And now the more recent item.

It just ain’t working for me.

I had my doubts about this as soon as I started the first sleeve, but I kept going.

However, I blocked the finished sleeve and then tried it on.

leaf lace jacket flarm evidence
Flarm warning (FLabby ARMs)

See? It makes my already decent-sized upper arm look massive. I don’t need that kind of help.

However, it’s not a total loss because I learnt some things (bulky lace patterning is not working for me) and large needles hurt my wrists if I knit a lot of it.

I’m going to keep the large-collar-that-can-fold-down idea, but work it in another knit/purl pattern and I’m still sold on the top-down raglan thing. The rest of the cardigan will be symmetrically and in reverse stocking stitch, because I think it suits the tweedy yarn quite well. At least that’s today’s plan!

Mad stats:

Look what happens when two free patterns you offer up end up on free pattern websites:

mental stats


6 thoughts on “Letting go of the UFO

  1. Suggestions for pink wool
    1. cut into lengths and tie up plants in the garden
    2. find a teacher and offer her the wool for the
    class craft box.
    3. light a fire…nylon acrylic is find to watch as
    it burns ( don’t breath in deeply)
    4. Don’t undo it…make a cushion cover out of
    it..and give away as a present.
    5. wind it around a dead branch and create modern art.

    Will I stop helping now?


  2. Ah, I had one of those moments of realization too during the big clean-up of my room earlier this year. I put all the UFO’s I will not finish in a big bag and promised myself I would unravel them someday…I have since then decided that I will do so when I need the yarn, it’s easier to store now đŸ™‚


  3. Holy crap, that’s a lot of hits to the blog! Not that I’m surprise, given the patterns. I think I’d like to knit a hot water bottle cover for myself now.


  4. Was looking around at other patterns you might like better – Blue Sky Alpaca’s Eyelet Cardigan or their Silk Shrug. Also Chic Knits CeCe or Ariann?


  5. Wow, you’re being vicious with those projects, but if they’re that old and not being worked on, they should be ripped I think. If you know you’re not going to get to it or don’t think it’s right for you, you should definitely rip it.


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