Project Spectrum: Grey/Gray

Project Spectrum: Grey/Gray

I’m an equal opportunities blogger, me! I can spell stuff the correct way or the American way! 😀

Project Spectrum - grey/gray

1. grey postal sack, 2. grey/gray camo material, 3. grey greenhouse aluminium, 4. grey flagstones

I thought grey was going to be the most difficult for me find inspiration for, because it’s doesn’t really feature in my day-to-day colour palette. I did, however, manage to find four things encompassing a few shades.

I love the texture on the postal sack; it’s made from a plastic but looks like the old hessian sacks they used to use.

The camouflage material is an off-cut from a waistcoat I made my brother for his birthday or Christmas one year (I can’t remember which) .

The greenhouse aluminium frame still has it’s winter coating of grime on it (I like to think of it as protection from the elements!).

I like the flagstone photo because it has the grey of the stone and the grey of the local clay soil.

Update on the Frankenhand – It’s almost back to normal. The swelling and itching has disappeared and now I’m just waiting for the skin to heal. I’m taking zinc and vitamin C to speed it up and so it should be done and dusted in a week or two. With luck and a following wind, anyway!


4 thoughts on “Project Spectrum: Grey/Gray

  1. Glad the hand is getting better!!! Looking forward to seeing picture of said hand being done and then dusted!! Grey doesn’t figure in my world, although sometimes green may verge on the grey.


  2. Good to hear your hand is getting better! Didn’t followed the link to the pic since I’m a coward, but it sounded not so nice(can’t even listen to people talking about their wounds etc. or I will feel the pain…)
    Maybe I should take part in project spektrum too, I just finished knitting a grey camisole.


  3. I like that, the correct way. lol

    I can never remember which way to spell grey/gray Esp. when so many people are named Grey, it just mixes me up worse. I think I’ll defect to Brit spelling just to confuse people.


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