Project Spectrum: Grey/Gray

Project Spectrum: Grey/Gray

I’m an equal opportunities blogger, me! I can spell stuff the correct way or the American way! 😀

Project Spectrum - grey/gray

1. grey postal sack, 2. grey/gray camo material, 3. grey greenhouse aluminium, 4. grey flagstones

I thought grey was going to be the most difficult for me find inspiration for, because it’s doesn’t really feature in my day-to-day colour palette. I did, however, manage to find four things encompassing a few shades.

I love the texture on the postal sack; it’s made from a plastic but looks like the old hessian sacks they used to use.

The camouflage material is an off-cut from a waistcoat I made my brother for his birthday or Christmas one year (I can’t remember which) .

The greenhouse aluminium frame still has it’s winter coating of grime on it (I like to think of it as protection from the elements!).

I like the flagstone photo because it has the grey of the stone and the grey of the local clay soil.

Update on the Frankenhand – It’s almost back to normal. The swelling and itching has disappeared and now I’m just waiting for the skin to heal. I’m taking zinc and vitamin C to speed it up and so it should be done and dusted in a week or two. With luck and a following wind, anyway!