Or: The Return of the Mummy Finger

Or: My Immune System has gone Haywire

Remember the Mummy Finger I graciously shared with you? It got worse and worse until yesterday I was woken up in the wee small hours of the morning with my right hand incredibly itchy. I phoned the doctors at half ten and was seen 20 minutes later – that never happens!

Anyway, it turns out that it is a “build up of histamines” in my hand. I have to take antihistamines. Would those would be the same antihistamines I take at the start of every hay-fever seasons? Erm … yes. The exact same ones.

At the moment, I’m using hydrocortison cream and dipping my hand into cold water every hour because my hand is just so itchy.

My dad asked …. I will provide!

After he made a semi-throw-away comment whilst fondling yarn (where do think I get it from?) I’m making my dad an Aran-style jacket.

I’ll tell you something for nowt – this designing malarkey ain’t half hard work. I’ve lost count now, but I think I’m on plan G for the cable designs alone.

This is swatch 2 (swatch 1 didn’t even make it this far):

aran jacket rejected swatch

And this is the reason it was rejected (the gigantic hole at the bottom of the diamond, in case you can’t see):

aran jacket rejected cable close up

I decided that instead of working up the whole cable arrangement I would, to save time and energy, just swatch individual cables. This way, if I decide I don’t like one element, I don’t have to rip the whole thing. As of today (the 15th of February) this is the arrangement I’ve come up with:

aran jacket swatches

It will be mirrored around a central twisted stitch on the back and on the front the mirror will be around the zip.

For some pictures of my sketch book and the mess I’ve got myself into, have a look at all of my photos tagged with “Design Book” on Flickr.

And here’s a sneak-peek of March’s coming attraction:

green sock yarn macro close up

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