10 Things – a blog challenge

10 Things – a blog challenge

Kristi laid down a gauntlet. I (foolishly) picked it up. She gave me “H”. One short month later, I have my ten!

10 things halvaHalva: Ahhh … the sweet elixir of life. Sugar, sesame seeds and pistachios in solid, edible form. That is, my people, Halva. I first tasted this when I was just a wee un. My grandparents brought it back from one of their many Grecian adventures. It’s not what you would typically expect a child to like (it really is an acquired taste) but I remembered it for years. Even when no-one else :cough: parents :cough: thought I’d made it up. Then I spotted it in my local supermarket. Hurrah for globalisation. 😀

10 things heelsHeels: So sue me, I’m a knitter! I’ve shown two types here – the short row heel over n/2 (the number of stitches in the sock, divided by two) and the reverse-engineered-toe-up-heel-flap-and-gusset heel (phew!). I prefer the short row heel simply because I find it very easy and quick to knit. However, the gusset ‘n’ flap (does that sound rude to anyone else?) heel does fit my non-model feet better.

10 things handHand(s): I could only photograph one of them, so there we are! I picked the pretty one with the Celtic ring on it. They help me craft (obviously) but they also help me help my mum (awww …). They sometimes let me down when my brain doesn’t connect with them properly or when they are spasming, and I get frustrated with them. But they do work most of the time!

10 things hollyHolly: The holly (Ilex aquifolium) is traditionally associated with Christmas and/or the winter equinox.

For me, it’s a great plant for keep cats off the garden! I love the green of the leaves (and the younger stems) because at this time of year it seems to shine out against the bare wood of the other plants. I brought it into the house over the Christmas/New Year period to remind me of the coming seasonal change – I think it worked!

10 things hot chocolate Hot Chocolate: Second only to coffee in my beverage-related affections is hot chocolate.

The stuff I currently drink isn’t the best in the world, but that’s all finances will allow at the moment. The best drinking chocolate in the world – nay, universe – is Green and Blacks.

This is the warm drink I turn to on cold, miserable days at around this time of year. It comforts me and lifts my spirits at the same time.

Oh, and it’s nutritional too. It is. Really!

10 things hand cream Hand Cream: When I first started knitting, I used to snag the yarn on my rough hands and therefore delay my knitting process. In steps the miracle of hand cream. These are the two types I use most often – E45 (or the old lady’s cream as I call it) and an Avon hand cream. The E45 is to use on my dodgy skin and it really works! The Avon hand cream is more of a tough cream and I also use it on my feet (in readiness for those sock-modelling photo shoots!)

10 things heat pads Heat Pads/Hand warmers: It’s all about the hands, isn’t it? Actually, I tend to use these to keep my hip and my knee warm on cold, damp day. My muscles tend to seize if they are not warm and, due to my asthma, I can’t use heat rubs. These were an absolute bargain (something like £3 for two) and are totally worth the effort of un-crystallising them in a saucepan of boiling water!

10 things herbs Herbs: I love Italian food and herbs are a crucial ingredient in creating an authentic Italian taste. The photo shows what remains of last years basil. You can freeze it to preserve it and all you have to do is pop it into whatever you’re cooking and it tastes just like you’d picked it minutes ago! My favourite way of using it is to make a very simple bolognese sauce (using onions, mushrooms, a tin of tomatoes and some Quorn Mince) and then add the basil 10 minutes before serving. The smell is intoxicating!

10 things hair1 Hair: My hair is one of the few things in my life I actually have control over. I have it cut and coloured (the former every 6 to 8 weeks and the latter every 3 to 4 months) because I choose what happens to it. For a very long time I have had only limited control over my health and I have next to no control over my personal circumstances, so the fact I can alter my hair is something of a salve to my nerves! The picture shows how it looks now – large red streaks underneath my natural brown colour – but it could change anytime!

pirate fishermans hat 005 Hats: So, obviously I’m going to show my most recent hat (mainly because it’s the easiest photo to find!). Hats keep your head (and your entire body) warm. I can’t remember the exact figure, but a bit like the loft in your house, you loose a lot of heat from your head. They are also cool (in the modern sense of the word!). Hats can also act as a swatch – not that I’ve ever tried that, but feel free to do as I say, not as I do!

Oh, that’s 10! How did I do Kristi?


3 thoughts on “10 Things – a blog challenge

  1. Oh what an interesting list!! I have a large holly tree/bush in my garden. Peri is always ‘surprised’ by its prickliness!!! I like the ‘gusset and flap’ as I have less than model-ular feet too!! Your hair is very cool and I love your hat: I’m not a hat person, they just don’t suit me, but you look swish and nonchalant!!


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