I’ve seen my mum’s pancreas

I’ve seen my mum’s pancreas

It looked like a grey blog made up of tiny grey blobs on a grey blobby background. The only reason I know it was a pancreas was because it said so on the ultrasound screen. And, the appointment was really short. Like 2 minutes. Not that I’m complaining. The NHS does (sometimes) rock.


The flip top mitten has been making (significant) progress. So as not to spoil what passes for a surprise around here I’ll show the whole thing when it’s finished. In the meantime, here’s some artsy stuff I got when playing with the macro setting on my new camera.

camo flip top mitts cable macro

camo flip top mitts thumb opening

And here is a swatch for a new design I’m working on (mostly in my head at the moment):

all seasons swatch 1

For anyone with an incredible memory who has been reading my blog from way back may recognise the yarn as the same Rowan All Season Cotton I made Klaralund in. She’s going to be ripped. I’m not sad (well, maybe a little), becuase she’s going to be reincarnated as something I’ll actually wear! It also adds to the Project Spectrum stuff too (nice and neat, really).

Hot Water Bottle Cover:

The pattern is still in the pencil-on-paper stage right now and I have to actually type it up. If you knit really fast it could be done in a day so just in time for the mega-cold weather due in Britain this week!

I have been underwhelmed:

Please, pretty please, tell me what to do. I can’t decide whether I like the knit or purl side of the “Jessica” top I’m making. April said Purl. Anne said both. Wanda said Knit. Vote, my good people, vote!!! I have no energy or brain power to decide these things for myself anymore.
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4 thoughts on “I’ve seen my mum’s pancreas

  1. Want to see my spleen?? Truly it is a thing to behold!! Nice mittens and nice cabling and lace on the swatch. I’m off to exercise my enfranchisement right now!!


  2. I’m still laughing at your title, that’s so funny. To quote a cheesy line from “Encino Man” “OOWWWW, my PANcreas!” hehehehe

    and I DID vote =) and I still like it best, lol

    see ya in my email!


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