Extraordinary Vase

Extraordinary Vase

Or Wonderful Plate? Or Super Bowl?  Given that it’s not real football (i.e. Association Football or Rugby Football) it pretty much passes me by. Apart from the Nipplegate year, I have no idea who plays what, where, or indeed how.

So, here’s some knitting instead!

This is the deeeeeeep v-neck sleeveless top I’ve designed (sketch photo):

Knit side out:
cotton angora top start - knit


Purl side out:

cotton angora top start - purl

I’m knitting it from the shoulders down so the top of the piece is active, and the bottom of the piece (in the picture) is on waste yarn awaiting the front part of the shoulder to be done.

I’m using instructions in the invaluable “Knitting from the Top” by Barbara Walker. I can’t decide which side I prefer. The stocking stitch is smooth and simple, the reverse stocking stitch adds texture and interest and also hides the short row wraps at the shoulders.

I can’t have polls on WordPress (for those that know/care it’s because they block Javascript) so I’ve created one on PollHost itself. Click on this link to vote for the stocking/stockinette side or the reverse (knit or purl side out).

If you have a specific reason for preferring one or the other I’d appreciate a quick explanatory comment. Cheers.


Project Spectrum – Blue.

Photo Montage of Blue:


Project Spectrum - blue
1. cotton angora top start – purl, 2. cotton angora top start – knit, 3. Ceramic blue garden ball, 4. Blue tank top – ribbing close up, 5. Blue tank top yarn close up, 6. Blue tank top yarn close up, 7. iris garden 23-01-07 002, 8. blue cushion1, 9. blue tissue box, 10. blue cushion2, 11. fleece scarf 2, 12. fleece scarf 1 Created with fd’s Flickr Toys.
Subcribe to my Flickr photoset for Project Spectrum by using this link.

Finally …

i have a disease swap sentMy Craftster Swap Partner has recieved her parcel now, so I can finally post what I’ve been working on. I sent her a Calorimetry (the first one I made, and the first one I posted), some smilies magnets, some chocolate, a mixed paper journal kit and, the thing I’m most proud of, a hot water bottle cover. You may recognised the yarn as being the same as in my Pirate hat – I bought two balls to be on the safe side and made the cover from just under 100g so I decided to use the other ball instead of taking it back. If anyone wants (or even if no-one wants) I’ll put the pattern up in a couple of days. Wednesday is yet another Mum-in-hospital-scan-day, so that and Thursday will be a right-off, so it will probably be up after that.

Take care.