FO: Pirate Fisherman’s Hat

FO: Pirate Fisherman’s Hat

Arrggg… avast me hearties! Here do be the most devilish hat this side of Davy Jones’ Locker.

pirate fishermans hat 008

Name: scurvy dog do be called Pirate Fisherman’s Hat

Pattern: it do be a fearful marriage of Elizabeth Zimmerman’s Maltese Fisherman’s Hat to be found in her Knitter’s Almanac and those sea dogs over at Hello Yarn’s “We Call Them Pirates” hat.

Size(s): To fit my ghastly 22″ head.

Yarn: I do be having used King Cole Magnum Chunky in 206 for the main sail and 10 for the skulls.

Needles: My weapon of choice do be a metal 5 mm 100 cm circular device used in the “Magic Loop” mystical technique, and the addition of another 80 cm lasso for 2 circs for the top.

Knitting style: A right ole mix up of English and Continental, in the flat and in the round.

Recipient: that do be me, me ole mates.

Modifications: there do be a change of gauge from EZ’s original and a change in size.

Notes: this will be keeping me ole noggin’ warm on those cold, lonesome nights on land and on sea. If I do be havin’ the correct 6 mm circulars it do be fittin’ a little looser. All comments welcomed, especially those in ole pirate talk do be ‘specially wanted. Arrggg … 😀

Pirate Fisherman's Hat montage

1. pirate fishermans hat 019, 2. pirate fishermans hat 005, 3. pirate fishermans hat 022, 4. pirate fishermans hat 007, 5. pirate fishermans hat 008, 6. pirate fishermans hat 018, 7. pirate fishermans hat 006, 8. pirate fishermans hat 021


14 thoughts on “FO: Pirate Fisherman’s Hat

  1. Move over smee there is a new first matey for dyedinthe wool me…at least in my dreams…hope you celebrated the finished hat with the best grog available


  2. Avast behind!! Ruddy Enormous!! Pieces of Eight!! 15 men on a dead man’s chest, Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum!!! That there be a fine hat me hearty!! And them be damned fine pitchers of ye awearin’ it too!!


  3. That is a hat to rival the one that Jane’s mother sent him in Firefly. Very attrictive…to a certain sub group of the population. Cool


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